What’s a trader to do?

Are fundamental forces ruffling your technical feathers?

This is your binary option and forex news update for October 5th through 9th , 2015.

There’s always lots of market news to ruffle your trading feathers…from hackers trying to mess with accounts, brokers trying to take advantage, government restrictions and so much more…what’s a trader to do?

You’ve got to be on your game. SmallMoneyMadeBig.com makes it simple to be on your game and stay on your game with the right mix that will have you “in the money”. We’ll have you hitting the sweet spot and the happy balance between fundamentals and technical’s with a winning trading system.

yellen and dudley tightrope

The Fed’s are dead set ahead and adamant that a rate hike is right around the corner. When the doves are chirping about a rate hike, is this the time to take their well crafted words to the bank?

Hold up, hold up, let’s not get too ahead of the Fed head’s chirping because, so far this year, their words have yet to match their actions. We’ve got the end of this month for the Fed’s to take action or else December is the last remaining hope for the 2015 hawks.

As we have noted on previous posts, did the Fed’s miss their chance to strike while the iron was hot?…or was the apprehension well warranted so that they don’t get the U.S. economy in a pickle that they cant’ get out of? As always, time will tell. Hindsight is 20/20, but moving forward you’ll be able to cash in no matter which way interest rates go. It’s the beauty of the currency trading business.

With a data dependent perspective, the Fed’s are dealing with moving parts and forces that, on a domestic level, are battling conflicting data and on the global stage are confronting head winds for Fed hawks.

You’ve got China trying to scratch and claw their way out of an economic slump. The fall out from commodity driven currencies like the Aussie and to another extent the Kiwi will be caught in the monsoon of flying debris hitting their shores.

As a currency trader, this week’s releases will have you taking note and cashing in:

The hard to ignore PMI data for the Sterling and the USD will be on the slate for the start of the week.
Trade balance figures for the Loonie and the USD
Key policy statements for the Aussie, the Yen, and the Sterling will set the tone for interest rates going forward that will impact your currency pairings

The U.S. economy is still in a state of limbo in regards to interest rate lift off and we’ll see if the words from Fed heads Yellen and Dudley are just yelling duds.

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