Mary Crowe

Hello Ed, Last Thursday I have 4 I.T.M. right off the bat...using the 60 seconds time frame, which is great!!! Thanks again for making such  great programs to use.

hi ed, am so happy with this product of yours (the five minutes turbo), i have made 14 trades 10 wins 1 draw and 3 losses where-which 2 of those loses where mistakes which i made..... i also missed about 3 to 4 winning trades right under my nose due to carelessness, although this not all the time i sit to trade, yet with this much success.. God has brought an built you up as an angel in times such as this, this is a serious breakthrough for me........ thanks a million best regard.
pls do share this message as more proof to others..............

West Africa

Hi Trader Ed,  Kudos for the great systems and indicators you have out there. I have really being blessed by this as it turned my LOSING TRADES into PROFITABLE ONES!

I have purchased: 60 second binary options, Fx binary option scalper and rebel spirit binary options.

Thanks for your wonderful products



Hey Ed, just wanted to let ya know that I am very excited about this 60 Second Scalper program - it has thus far met and exceeded my expectations for accuracy and fitting into my own trading style.

  Murat Switzerland

Hi, as promised I'm coming back to you with a feedback on how it went for me using your systems.

Actually besides your put option call option system I also purchased your excellent 60 secondes binary option system which I actually use options with expiry up to 6-8 mins max.
I've noticed that it works very good for these short periods of time. Although it is meant for 60 sec option it worked fine for me for normal options but I only jumped on the very next expiry if there is a valid signal and I have so far a surprising 90% win ratio. Yes 90%!

One must be very quick and make decision on whether buying or not the option very very fast otherwise it's too late.
I am considering buying also your Forex strategies and binary options combo system as I am also trading CFDs for some of my clients and I will also let you know how it worked.
Feel free to publish my feedback if you wish to it's okay for me I am very pleased working with your system so far. Powerful yet very easy to use and understand. I can only recommend them.
Best regards

I just bought your turbo 5 minute system for binary options and I have to tell you I'm impressed.
Your system is very accurate and your videos helped a lot to know when to wait a couple of candles before entering a trade.
I downloaded your system and attached the indicator template to my Forex charts. It's exactly as you showed in your videos. I made 10 trades and less than two hours. Eight winners two losers (one because I clicked put instead of call).

Thank you Ed you made me a happy day!


Trader Ed, your 5 min Binary options system is awesome! First ever system I've used that actually works! Lol! Thank you my man for putting out an honest, winning system


Hi Ed

It seems your new Turbo System is pretty good. To be conservative I would say 70% which is enough for profitability in binaries. I have yet to try it in Asian which is probably best session for reversals so it should go up. You should know that London trends strongly but I would say mid U.S and Asian would be very good for your system as long as I stay away from news. LOL

Tell you the truth, to get a system like this where I could see a decent profit every year or two; it's more than worth the $37 for the system. Even a couple hundred for a system that produces 70% or more  would still be worth the investment. Take care Ed and thanks again.

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