Are Terrorists Better Traders Than You?

Traders with Ulterior Motives

This is your binary options and forex news update for March 7th through the 11th, 2016.

What should I do with my day? Rogue missile launches, beheadings, plunder, pillage…I think I’ll trade the currency markets today.

This week was the release of disturbing information that ISIS is making millions each month trading the currency markets with hi-jacked money they looted from banks.

Yikes! How’s is it that they’re in on the action and getting it right? If this is accurate then should we, as traders, be getting our cues from groups that wreak havoc all over the world? Of course not, but it is quite revealing that if they’re in on the action, then trading can be quite lucrative regardless of what your walk in life may be.

Is a “Brexit” on the horizon? If the U.K. decides to abandon ship on its partnership with euro zone countries then will it be left to float alone on the sailing seas? The odds of a true “Brexit” are slim, but the rumor itself has left the Sterling taking a pounding for the week. If the rumors continue to mount steam, it won’t be surprising to see a weakening of the cable. Just as the USD will continue to flex its strength, even if it’s on the “juice” by force and by choice.

Speaking of the USD, for all its touting of strong employment numbers, it appears that savvy traders have already factored the hype. The true employment numbers are always hidden in the background by the Labor Force Participation Rate and they’re being reflected in the sector by weakening Average Hourly Earnings data. What you think you’re seeing may be nothing more than an illusion.

Let’s take a look at this week’s reveal for your trading outlook:

Be keen on speaking engagements from from BOJ Governor Kuroda, BOE Governor Carney, The Kiwi’s Governor Wheeler, the Loonies Governor Poloz and ECB President Draghi. Plan on good action that will move the needle as they set forth direction for their respective currencies.

We’ll have rate statements for the Kiwi and the Loonie along with employment figures for the Loonie as well as the USD.

The fix is in, but can you bank on which side of the fix to land on? You always want to land on the winning side of profit and there’s no better way to do this than having the right trading system in place. Check out our trading systems that will have you achieving big time profits in no time flat.

White collar crime trading big bucks looks to be the terrorist wave of the future…can this be countered by global player’s in the market? We’ll have to see what the future holds, but take heart in knowing that by being a savvy trader you have the same opportunities as anybody else in the world of making money right at your finger tips.

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