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Do You Trust Your Broker?

Do you really think your broker has your best interest at heart?

They shower you with free bogus “bonus” money in your funded account, they provide you a free demo account and they provide you with free trading strategies.

They would never hold the “house” advantage on your trading strategy, right? Yeah, right. Right up to the point that your account shows a zero balance and you have your hand’s on your head wondering what happened.


Even if you’re trading a forex ECN account, it can be dangerous to your profit potential during high times of volatility. This is due to much higher pip spreads that will be required by your broker during market volatility and can leave you vulnerable. These higher pip spreads can be triggered by your broker during market open and closings for the week, holidays, economic news releases, etc. They, potentially, receive a larger piece of your profit pie or can leave you with a much bigger loss than you anticipated and therefore a much smaller balance in your trading account. This goes against the whole principle of leverage that makes your small money into big money.

Now don’t get the wrong impression, there are many positives that broker’s bring to the trading table. Many broker’s will taut free basic trading education, news articles, market trends and tutorial’s. All these incentives will introduce you or help get you into the trading game.  Which is not at all bad. They can help you discover the beauty of trading, but also the horrors of having an account wiped clean.

Over the year’s, broker’s have been experiencing increased competition and are looking for any edge to enhance their opportunity to obtain another funded account. The added competition spawns broker incentives that can be viewed as positive leverage to those regular trader’s that are coming out of their shell and finding success. You just need to be aware of what you’re getting from your broker. Some of it good, some of it NOT so good.

Broker’s are fully aware that, statistically  80%-90% of those who trade, will end up losing their money. So, if you were the broker, and you had funded trading accounts where you could leverage your funds against “green” trader’s, and knew that you were going to end up on the winning side 80%-90% of the time, would you take your chances? Oh you betcha!

Now what incentive would the broker have to keep you on the winning side of trades? Yeah, that’s what I thought! None, zero, zilch, nada! It doesn’t matter how you put it, there is no incentive, besides making sure that they leverage their money against your account. After all, 80% winning trade strategy is what we’re all trying to achieve. So why would you take the trading strategy, signals and advice from someone who is “betting” against you! You know, as well as I, that that doesn’t make any sense at all.

The inherent conflict of interest between you and your broker would breed an environment that puts into question their best interest being you. After all, they’re there to make a profit also.

Here at Small Money Made Big we want to you to gain as much good trading education as possible. The better understanding you have of market dynamics, the more successful of a trader you’ll be. Better trader = more winning trades = more profit. Simple formula, but the approach you take is what will lead you to the “promised” land more times than not.

Imagine that instead of the broker winning 80% of the trades it was YOU who possessed the winning formula to binary option and forex trading success. Would you just let all those profits that could rightfully be yours go by the way side? I don’t think so. You don’t want to just hold the “key”, but never open the treasure chest.

Here at Small Money Made Big we spend countless hours studying all this stuff (pouring over charts, platforms, indexes, signals, trends, time tables, etc.) and creating trading system’s that have you holding the key to earning profit many times over. We encourage you to open the treasure chest. Order one of our winning trading system’s. We purposely make them very affordable and easy to implement so that you can quickly start your journey to the “promised” land…profit.