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The Currency Pairing Conundrum

The currency pairing predictability conundrum

You’re sitting at your computer and crack your knuckles in anticipation of a profit producing trading session. You log on to your account and have your trading platform ready to go. You think to yourself is this the right currency market to trade? Is this the right pairing that’s going to put me “in the money”? Do I have the right strategy for this currency pairing?

If you’ve ever questioned your trading approach before you even got started, guess what… you’re not alone! It does not matter whether you’re a seasoned trader or just starting out. We all have experienced times of anxiety where we have questioned our moves in pursuit of a profit making trade.

Let’s keep it real. There are countless combinations of currency trading that can formulate success or failure. The many combinations could include:

  • Time frames you trade the market
  • Your entry points
  • Your exit points (and slippage) on the forex market
  • Your expiry’s on the binary option market
  • Your charts and trading platforms
  • Appropriate indicators
  • Currency pairings
  • Strategies and systems

These are all decisions that you have to make each and every trading session in order to execute a trade. All  in hopes that you made the right decisions that will successfully produce a profit and put you “in the money”.

On this post we are going to focus on the currency pairing conundrum.  An integral part of your trading success will be based on the currency pairings that will best accommodate your strategy.

Due to the nature of volatility in the currency markets, predictability is an important key that  will keep you “in the money” over and over again. The truth is, that points of predictability are more prevalent with certain currency pairings, than with others, based on the strategy or system you’re trading.

Imagine yourself capturing, harnessing and riding this pony of predictability as you stride into the horizon of profit.

There are currently five main currency pairings that are dominant when it comes to the all important key of predictability. (Of course, a caveat: there are always going to be exceptions in trading other currency pairings that can have you taking advantage of market movements. These can be anticipated based on fundamental analysis of events that affect the pairing.) Always bear in mind the economic season of the year and the various regional and global events that affect the currency pairing.

The current predominant currency pairings for trend, behavior and range trading predictability are as follows:


(Although these last two pairings have more of  a trend to lean towards unpredictability, more so than the other 3, during your trading day).

With the Scottish independence vote now in the rear view mirror, we may be able to anticipate that the GBP/USD pairing will also find its way to a much more predictable pattern; moving forward as we approach the upcoming  new year.

As you well know, volatility is what drives the market. When a tremor of volatility hits, you want to make sure that you are set up with the right currency pairing, at the right time with the right strategy that lines you up on target to be”in the money”.

This is when the system you’re trading, becomes critical for your profit making success. Small Money Made Big trading systems signal to you the best opportunity for success. Our guidance will direct you to the best currency pairing for that system. The predictability features that are embedded into the systems will have you succeeding on your trades many times over.

We want you to succeed. Being equipped with the knowledge, along with a Small Money Made big trading system, will boost your profit making potential straight to the moon!