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Market News Update

This week’s market news 10/12/14 thru 10/18/14

As we go through this last quarter of 2014, will we see the U.S. economy dancing with itself? Or will U.S. stock market “corrections” have the bear necessities singing their tune? Will the Aussie’s economy begin heating up and join the party? The data from weak economies in the euro zone, Asia and the like could also place downward pressure on both the USD and the Aussie.  Let’s take a look at what the releases have in store for this week’s economic news events, that will have an impact on your trading week:

  • China’s Trade Balance – Keep an eye on the reaction for the Aussie if we see China’s trade balance on the down side. If this is the case, we anticipate seeing downward pressure on the Aussie. Due to the export/import trade connection with resources between the two countries and how it affects the Aussie this could lead to a cooling of the hot housing market and upcoming employment figures. Also, the year over year CPI release that is anticipated to hit its forecast of 1.7%.
  • For the Aussie’s – Business confidence – The interconnection and reliance on China’s resources for the Australian economy has the potential to see a fading confidence if China’s trade balance figures come in on the down side.
  • For the Kiwi – The Global Dairy Trade release
  • The Euro – With the German Economic Sentiment release, we will see how this will affect the euro pairings. We will also see how German opposition and political tension is affecting ECB President Draghi’s push towards Q.E. We may see a trend towards waning optimism in the German economic future as factory orders, exports and industrial output have taken a down turn. All this while the cost of living is expected to see an increase. As President Draghi speaks, take note and see if he is able to shed optimistic light over the darkening shadow of economic weakness that looms over euro zone economies.
  • For the Sterling – The U.K.’s release of year over year CPI where we may end up seeing a decrease in the year over year inflation number and slightly lower than the forecast of 1.4%. Also, the Average Earnings Index and Claimant Count Change. The cost of labor appears to be, fractionally, on the rise and jobless claims are anticipated to see a fall which, in turn, signals growth in the U.K.’s labor markets.
  • For the Canadian loonie – Month over month Manufacturing Sales  and Core CPI figures are released, respectively. As we anticipate a contraction for shipments and factory sales from last month’s figure of 2.5% and the CPI figure could see itself with the same figure as last month of .5% in spite of the forecast figure of .1%.
  • Last, but not least is the USD – With a busy latter part of the week chalked full of releases that will affect your USD currency pairings look for:

Month over month Core Retail Sales, PPI and Retail Sales -Even though we saw a drop in light vehicle sales and lower gas prices, the overall indicators should prove solid and add a bit of steam to the growing strength of U.S. economic numbers.

Philly Fed Manufacturing Index – Once again, business conditions for the overall U.S. economy should post positive and has the potential to exceed the forecast by remaining in the twenty point plus range.

Building permits – which look to jump higher than the previous month’s figure.

Fed Chair Yellen speaks – If the stock market corrections stay in check, we may be able to extract tid-bits of cautious optimism. This will bode well towards available business opportunities that look to confirm the signs of a recovering economy that hopes to gain steam going into 2015.

University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment – As we continue to see the U.S. economy forging ahead, we can anticipate that consumer’s confidence will be sparked for the holiday season and spilling over into the approaching new year. This may be the case as long as the mixed messages of what could be labeled as stock market “corrections” remain in check. This will have American’s happy to make snow angels throughout the U.S. winter season and beyond.

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Economic Activity

Forex and binary option market news – 4th week of September 2014

Long live the queen! The ballots have been tallied and it is a big “no” for the hopeful’s of Scottish independence. The currency markets and in particular the British pound pairings were very active and reactive to the outcome of Scotland’s independence vote. The U.K. stays united, but the sterling gave way to considerable volatility in the market. Savvy short term trader’s were able to cash in on handsome profits for their trading day.

The votes are in…were you one of the winner’s? I hope you took advantage of riding that wave of small money made big profit.

Now onto the market news that may impact your trading week:

  • For the Euro – The European Central Bank, known as the ECB, president will be speaking. President Draghi has been encouraging the euro zone on reform of investment policy. He will be continuing this trend of creating a “business friendly” approach to regulation that may help stimulate anemic economic growth. We hope that he provides a more defined direction on investment policy for the euro zone economies to grasp and pursue.
  • Flash manufacturing PMI, known as the Purchasing Manager’s Index, will be released this week for the Chinese, French and Germans. These announcements may cause a stir in volatility for their respective currency pairings based on what the number’s reveal. Will we see an uptick in expansion or will we see a trend towards contraction continuing to reveal a bump on the road for Asian and euro zone economies? There doesn’t yet appear to be significant economic traction as we head into the last quarter of the year.
  • Canada’s month over month retail sales numbers. We will look to see if the “loonie” reveals looney retail activity as we approach the last quarter of the year and the season’s holiday spending. It wouldn’t be surprising  to see if the overall sector has slowed from previous month’s as the “dog days” of summer 2014 are in the rear view mirror.
  • New Zealand- The kiwi’s trade balance which is forecast to ride at a deficit may be continuing a trend from last month’s numbers.
  • The release of German business climate . This leading indicator of economic growth may have a significant impact on your Euro pairings as the data reveals what we may anticipate going forward, in terms of economic business activity, going into the last quarter of the year.
  • USD announcements this week include:

– New home sales – With slow activity on the real estate market forefront     beginning to rear it’s head it wouldn’t be surprising to see less than stellar numbers. The typical “slow down” of the real estate season may be approaching with a louder wimper than what would be preferable.

– Durable and core durable goods orders – A number that may continue to see contraction

– Unemployment claims – We’ll see if this lagging indicator shows improvement as we approach the holiday hiring season where a boost in job openings may be in order.

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Business, business, business…numbers?

This first week of September will have a few releases that may have significant impact on the market volatility. A couple of important indicators, that are released monthly, will be Chinese and UK Manufacturing PMI. The release of Manufacturing Purchasing Manager's Index (PMI) affects the markets because it is an indicator of economic health.

The purchasing manager's of the companies that provide the insight can reveal a down on the "street" beat of what is happening in their industry. Are purchase orders, inventory, supply and demand up, or are they down from the previous month?

The release of these numbers and how they are viewed can cause a "tremor" in the currency markets as well as for other markets (stocks, bonds and commodities).  A measurement above 50 means that the economy is expanding; which, of course, may be good for that nation's economy, but certain trends can reveal more impact both negative and positive.

Last month's release revealed expansion in both the Chinese and UK economies, with measurements of 51.7 and 55.4, respectively.

With the two major economies, U.S. and China, continuing to show signs of expansion, this could point toward's a stronger dollar on the curreny market forefront. One thing to keep an eye on is the PMI measurement for the U.K.'s economy. Although the index has been showing overall expansion for the last year or so. Could a significant contraction be lurking around the corner that may potentially weaken the pound on the trading markets?

We'll see if the GBP/USD trends bearish on the release of the U.K.'s Manufacturing PMI measurement.

It will be interesting to see how good trader's will profit as we approach what looks to be an active last quarter of 2014.

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