Smart Tracking or Insider Trading?

Trading with Phil Mickelson!

 This is your binary options and forex video news update for May 23rd through the 27th, 2016

Famous golfer Phil “Lefty” Mickelson just got sued this last week by the SEC for “alleged” insider trading and profiting nearly a million dollars on inside information…like he needed any more money to cover his lifestyle.

Lefty might be better served to keep his wizardry on greens and fairways and not on the trading floor. How was he going to make such a quick turnaround without any real trading experience? He leveraged a million dollar profit in less than a week. Regulators figure he’s better sticking with what he knows best. Golf is “his bag” rather than the shenanigans of “hole in one” trading.

trading for big bucks

The impression, by the Fed’s, is that a June rate hike is still on the table, even if the U.S. economy seems to be betraying their best efforts. Are the Fed’s just trying to keep the ship on an even keel? By the mere mention, in the Fed minutes, of having a June rate hike “live” and on the table had rallied the dollar against the majors.

As we predicted, the Sterling was one of the only major counterparts standing tall against the USD this last week. Led by polling, showing a majority of Brits on the side of staying in the E.U., injected fuel for the rally on the cable before it petered out for the week. With the June 23rd “Brexit” referendum in play, do you think the Fed’s will be ready to turn turmoil into chaos with a strategic rate hike right before the referendum vote?…This would not only be a brazen hawk move, but an unprecedented calculated bold risk that will either expose the brilliant bravado of Yellen and the Fed’s, or the replete “stinkiosity” of their economic intuitions.

Are you buying what their selling? Think twice about the motives behind the fundamental forces and always have a reliable technical trading system that keeps you ahead of the profit making trading game.

Here’s a few prime releases that will give weight to your trading week:

  • For the Aussie, Governor Stevens’ speaking engagement may give light on any further action from the RBA on rates and market manipulation
  • A slew of Flash PMI numbers for the Euro along with German Economic Sentiment and Business Climate
  • The big driving shot for the week will be the Loonie and the announcement on rates coming from Poloz and the Bank of Canada. With the weakening in oil prices and the injected rumor by the Fed’s that rates may be on the rise sooner rather than later the Loonie will be poised to hit another oil slick on the road to higher ground.
  • The USD may still be riding high as the market looks to factor in the rumor rather than considering the facts and the true state of the U.S. economy. Uncle Sam is still on wobbly legs, but is looking to throw punches. Another question is if the Yen will be able to sell sanctuary as a refuge against the tepid ground that the Fed house is built on.

So far, the Fed’s have fared well keeping things par for the course this year, but a shank by the Fed’s on a Q2 rate hike would have reverberations across the global economic landscape. Let’s see if Yellen gets the yips or if she can putt like a pro and put the U.S. on the winning side.

You don’t have to have the talents of “Lefty” Phil in order to make birdies, the occasional eagle and a rare hole in one. Up your winning and make your trading game a whole lot sweeter and a whole lot more fun. Drive it down the fairway with trading systems as you’ll be rolling it in the hole time and time again.

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