Rate Hike or Not?

Is Yellen going to hike up her rate skirt or is it just blowing in the wind?

Janet Yellen Fed Chairwoman

This is your binary option and forex news update for September 28th through October 2nd, 2015.

With the third quarter of the year now in the rear view mirror now it’s going to be “put up” or “shut up” for Yellen and the Fed’s on this last quarter of 2015.

In the words of the late great Yankee wit, Yogi Berra “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

So, as things come to a crossroad with economic turmoil for China, emerging markets, commodity dependent currencies and uncertainty in the Euro zone, what is a Fed Chair to do?

The answer is in the silence of her inaction. If action breeds action then the same would be true for inaction. Should we, as traders, be ready for inaction? If so, will the inaction of the Fed’s create more predictable volatility or less predictable volatility in the markets?

As trader’s, we need to be diligent and ready to pounce on Fed action or inaction because no matter which way the rate hike wind blows, there’s big profit to be made and that’s the beauty of the business.

Now, to hone in on your quality opportunities for trading profit this week let’s look at what’s on tap:

This week, we’re all searching for any hints of clarity and direction from the Fed’s murkiness. However, it appears that any moment of clarity will need to come in the form of an interview on Monday from Federal Reserve member William Dudley and a separate Wednesday speaking engagement from Fed head Yellen. We’re in hopes that one of them steps out of the haze and provides an impression of what the Fed’s direction will be to close out 2015. The direction of the wind on Fed rates will help us traders set the tone for our currency trades going forward.

Look out for business confidence measurements coming for the USD and the Kiwi.

Quite a few PMI figures will provide perspective for China’s economy that is looking for any bounce to its economic doldrums, but it appears that for now China’s playing with a deflated ball.

Uncle Sam’s employment and unemployment figures will loom large for the U.S. as conflicting data has Yellen and the Fed doves looking more like a deer caught in headlights.

As we transition into a new season, times will be changing with our weather and for many the sights, smells, sounds and colors of a new season brings along new energy and hope. It’s a great time to focus those energies on doing the things that lead to financial freedom.

With one last gem from Yogi Berra “The future ain’t what it used to be”, so it’s time to change your future for the better.

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