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This is your profit-able binary option and forex video news update for August 10th thru the 14th, 2015.

If you’re too cool for school, then the school of hard knocks will be knocking down your trading door. Everyday in the trading game, it’s a fresh learning experience. The key is getting back up, dusting yourself off, learning from the experiences and pressing forward with profit.

Why do more than 80% of those who dive into the trading game lose their shirt? The simple common denominator is that they fail to plan, fail to continue learning and fail to stick to a profit making system.

Turning around these epic fails can be made easy if you just had the right direction. It’s time to take a u-turn on your fails and enter the promise land of profit.

Honing in on your trading skills is a process that involves learning who you are as a trader and what makes you tick. Check out our free e-book “The Simple Art of Trading” by clicking on the banner below. This book will help you obtain profit with the psychological edge.

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The first step in that process is being plugged into the currency driven world around you. When fundamentals meet technicals is where you’ll find the milk and honey of profit.

So here we go:

This last week, the various PMI numbers from the Asian and Euro markets were showing themselves to be either flat or an overall disappointment. Super Thursday came…and went with nothing more than a super whimper, as the hard data revealed that the Sterling still has its wheels stuck on bump of slow growth that has the doves continuing to hover around their nest.

The Greek drama has become nothing more than background noise. They may be coming close to a workable deal with creditors, but the wounds are much too deep; the proverbial band aid will not be enough to stop the economy from bleeding out. The Euro may set up weak this week against its currency counterparts.

The USD has already priced in the rumor of next month’s rate hike as the Fed’s are pressing to have the spike come to fruition. In turn, the all but done September rate hike, that has been looming over the Fed’s this year, may have the bulls running. This may stabilize treasuries and the USD bulls will be on the hunt to gourd any hint of bears looking to feast.

This week you may find some good opportunity on the Asian sessions against USD pairings. USD releases later in the week will include Retail Sales and Unemployment Claims. This might bring good opportunity to dive in on trades that may see retracement’s take place, on correcting the overall pricing that has been factored on a forthcoming rate hike for the USD.

Stay tuned to the market releases this week by visiting and clicking the events calendar.

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