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This is you binary options and forex news video update for February 22nd through the 26th, 2016.

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Now onto the fundamental news. This last week we saw lots of action on multiple major currency pairings with predictable volatility that hit across the board for most trading sessions.

My wife and I found excellent success trading the Tokyo session this week, monitoring three currency pairs. We won 13 out of 16 trades in just a couple of trading sessions and we only spent an hour in doing so. Not to mention that two of the losses were because we didn’t stick to the plan and our system for trading. Even with our own goof up we managed an 81% win ratio. At $100 a trade for an hour’s worth of work, you do the math. Not too shabby! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

As the Fed’s unveiled their meeting minutes this week, we saw the world’s best poker faces reveal their uncertainty about the U.S. economy and global turmoil that is hitting the markets. The truth is that all this uncertainty is creating waves of volatility. For the first month of the new year this volatility was making it very difficult to predict market conditions in order to successfully trade and make consistent profit. But now the markets are falling into patterns of predictable volatility that will make it much easier for the savvy trader to get in and with confidence predict a win.

ECB President Draghi has also been vying for the attention of his Euro zone partners. He’s imploring them for cooperation, in his continued attempt to boost the economy, and he’s prepared to light another easing fuse if necessary. So far, for all of ECB President Draghi’s effort, euro zone Q.E. is panning out to be more of a dud than a spark.


Let’s take a look at some of your market movers for this week:

It’s a light week of releases, but that doesn’t mean that the markets are gonna stay still. Plenty of predictable volatility will be in order so that you can count on profit making opportunities that will keep your pockets full.

Impact will be felt from the USD for CB Consumer Confidence Index, Crude Oil Inventories, Unemployment Claims and Preliminary GDP.

All other currency pairing will play off of these releases, along with limited action from the info coming out of the two day G20 meetings.

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