Oil or Gold Anyone?

Do you have a crystal ball for the markets?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for February 8th through the 12th, 2016.

None of us have a crystal ball, a psychic or a fortune teller that can reveal to us what the markets will do before it happens. If you did, you would be much too busy right now checking out how you would be spending your billions.

What can you rely on to foresee the future? The answer is simple…fundamental AND technical analysis. The better you prepare yourself with the fundamental releases that will impact your trading game and the better your technical indicators are, the more times you’ll be on the winning side and bringing home the bacon.

When you’re equipped to anticipate market movement and can see where the market is headed, then you’ll be ready to confirm your trade and enjoy the spoils of profits rolling in.

That’s where you want to be, right here with us at Small Money Made Big. We help guide you to consistent profits.

This last week the markets ran amok with so much playing off of the oil markets. Will we continue to see the strength being sapped out of the USD?

With oil continuing to loose its luster it might be time to whet your appetite. Going “long” signals may be around the corner as we anticipate a brief bounce in price as calculated manipulation of demand will provide a surge.

As we mentioned earlier last month, gold is starting to rear it’s head as a hot commodity. Demand has been weak for the last couple of years as the bulls of the stock market waved their red capes. Safe havens will be “en vogue” this year as an avalanche of global economic slowdown will start to spank the bulls.

Releases that will move the market needle this week include: U.S. oil inventories, testimony from Fed Chair Yellen on Wednesday and on Thursday, U.S. Retail Sales and Consumer Sentiment measurement.

This should be a great week for us traders looking to seize on PREDICTABLE market volatility for profit making trades.

None of us can foretell the future. As with life, when it comes to the trading markets, a crystal ball, a psychic or a fortune teller isn’t gonna help you find your pot of gold. It takes good fundamental preparation and awesome technical indicators.

Abracadabra tactics are “out the window”.

With predictable volatility hitting commodities like gold, oil and silver check out our GSO trading system that will have you “IN THE MONEY” many times over.

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