March Madness will hit the trading markets this week

…Time to cash in by trading!

This is your binary options and forex news update for March 14th through the 18th, 2016.

Are you able to figure out where trading market madness is heading this week?

On the heels of more ECB Q.E., it’s a tricky balancing act for the Fed’s as they find themselves in a twist. Prevailing winds of strong economic employment numbers are puffing the Fed sails for a rate hike, while at the same time, fighting against the headwinds of a global economic market spiral.

Which way will the Fed’s go?…It’s safe to say that the Fed’s for this week’s meeting will be nothing more than “busboys” and “waiters”that will be setting the table for future action on rates. They may be planning on serving a rate hike appetizer, but in the end may find themselves eating crow instead.

The rally on oil is on a slippery slope as questions remain on whether it can be sustained. The hope for the bulls is that $40 a barrel will lead to escalating support on its way up and provide a bounce for those trading commodity driven currencies. Skeptics would say don’t be too sure as the bottom could be ready to drop out (again).


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The slew of releases this week will hit fast and furious, so be ready to jump in at the right time. Be sure your checking the trading events calendar at before each trading session. You don’t want to be caught off guard and, typically, you want to time your trades right, especially in this volatile market. Right now what seems to be working well is an hour before market opening or an hour and a half after opening on the session that you’re trading.

Here we go:

  • With the Kiwi already consenting to the threat of a severe economic downturn by lowering their rate this last week, they’ll now have to contend with how well the markets will receive their decision and if support will be found, as it goes against its counterparts. Those looking to trade the Kiwi this week should lay a heavy ear to what Governor Wheeler thinks is next for their weakened currency.
  • Employment numbers for the Aussie are going to play big against its currency counterparts. Some pundits are predicting a rise on the Aussie, but don’t be surprised at a slide on the Aussie against the USD as the numbers are revealed.
  • The BOJ may be playing coy with its continued lackluster performance on boosting inflation, but tepid concern will turn to burdensome worry as the wary BOJ doesn’t appear to have much ammunition left in its arsenal. If pressures aren’t alleviated by better inflationary numbers, then the BOJ will find itself in a wrestling match that looks to have Governor Kuroda tapping out.
  • We’ll have policy statements for the Sterling and of course from the Fed’s for the USD. Anticipate heavy action on the announcements that will need to settle before hopping in to scalp profit. Be prepared to ride the cable as it is poised to have a run up on the announcements
  • The Loonie will have Core CPI numbers and Retail Sales for the week.
  • The USD will also have releases for Philly Fed Manufacturing Index, Unemployment Claims and Preliminary Consumer Sentiment

Keep your head on a swivel this week, but don’t let the craziness of the markets deter or intimidate you from seizing many of the trading opportunities that you’ll have for scalping profit.

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