It’s time to cash in!

Will the Fed’s provide a feeding frenzy for forex markets this week?…

This is your binary option and forex news forecast and update for September 14th through the 18th, 2015.

As expected, this last week had plenty of predictable volatility. It provided many opportunities to plump up your pocket full of juicy mouth watering cash. The anticipated rate cut from the Kiwi’s brought in some good action against it’s currency counterparts, with a precipitous drop against the USD.

The world markets will revolve around the Fed statement as everybody anxiously awaits Yellen’s announcement on taking action with the rate hike now, or waiting a bit more down the road. There’s a ton of opinions on what the Fed’s should do. A good consensus would suggest, with so much rocky terrain that will need to be navigated by China (and emerging market economies), it will be a bumpy ride for everybody. But no better time will be presented to the Fed’s and Yellen to just hop into the 4×4 and crank up the engine.

Things look to be ripe for a Fed move and it’s time for them to act now before the ripeness turns into spoiled opportunity. A decay of rotting flesh may have an October move being too late if global economic conditions continue on a sharp down slope slide.

money in mouth

By taking their chances now, the USD in turn, may shore up even more so, against its major currency counterparts. The U.S. will need to lead the way as the waning Chinese economy and their main currency, the Yuan, are in retreat. China’s dream of having the Yuan as the lead currency for world markets now appears to be nothing more than than a zombie apocalypse nightmare.

Before the Fed statement this week, look out for the announcement from the Bank of Japan, as well as the U.K’s employment numbers for the Sterling, retail sales and CPI data for the USD.

With this week’s releases leading up to the Fed’s decision on Thursday, you’ll have ample opportunity to cash in on predictable volatility utilizing your trading systems.

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