Economic News Release

The economic market news releases for this week that may have a significant impact on the currency market volatility forefront include:

  • China’s trade balance – as you may already know, this is a number taken with “a grain of salt” since there has been a suspicious propensity to skew the data in a slant that can, at times, appear to be more than favorable to the Red Dragon of the East.
  • Canada’s building permit numbers
  • The UK’s manufacturing production and inflation report hearings
  • New Zealand’s monetary policy and rate statement
  • Australia’s unemployment rate
  • and the U.S. Unemployment claims and retail sales numbers

This week you may want to key in on USD pairings shortly after the release of these U.S economic market numbers.

It will be interesting to follow the USD trend as we approach U.S. unemployment claims and retail sales following the latest numbers of Non Farm payrolls that did not bode as well as anticipated. By NFP numbers missing their mark, is this just a “dog days of summer” fluke?…or is the U.S. economy sputtering it’s way to bigger problems on the horizon as we approach the last quarter of the year?

The following week we will be extracting the “tid bits” of carefully crafted verbiage from the Fed’s. This may hint towards a stance on what direction monetary policy will take in terms of interest rates. Will the status quo remain as QE tapering takes its toll? Will the Fed’s continue to hold off on interest rate hikes until some time next year?

If the U.S. economy continues to show signs of sputtering we may be able to anticipate a rally for any currency pairings pitted against the USD as the third quarter of this year comes to a close.

This type of currency impact may bode well for trader’s looking to catch a wave of volatility just after the release of these economic news announcements.

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