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Hail the king and queen of your trading empire!

This is you binary options and forex trading video news update for February 29th through March 4th, 2016.

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Here we go with the news: This last week we saw a bounce in oil as OPEC head’s have hinted towards a March meeting. This doesn’t mean they’re going to cut down production, but just the rumor of a meeting was enough to jolt the oil markets.

We saw a see-saw of action as major currencies played off of the USD. The big race in this “no win” game is to press on with currency weakness as this competitive advantage, in turn, will strengthen momentum for struggling economies. Most of the major player’s are turning tricks on the USD. Continued strength, pushed on the USD, is keeping the U.S. economy sputtering; while its counterparts are attempting to gain traction on their own economic woes. The best play for ailing global economies is to sit at the poker table as the meek lowly peasant. This is all at the expense of the U.S. who’s left holding the suicide King. It doesn’t matter which place at the poker table you have, in the long run, a folding hand for everybody creates a “no win” situation.

Let’s get into what’s gonna pop on the trading markets for this week:

The G20 meetings in Shanghai revealed that China’s kryptonite is its own self, as their reluctant government does not want to give in to free market fluctuations. We might see China burn through its reserves faster than Millennial s will feel the “bern” of a fading Bernie Sanders bid for the White House. China, at some point, will need to relent and give the markets what they want…freedom.

The Aussie’s will have a rate statement this week. Don’t be surprised if the Aussie makes a play and hops on board the easing train. As Asian markets go awry, the Aussie will feel the tangled effects of a waning commodity market and trade balance numbers appear to be tipped against their favor.

PMI data will hit the streets for China, the Euro, the Sterling and the USD.

The all important employment numbers will be on the docket this week for the USD. When trading, be sure to take notice as the action settles about an hour after each employment announcement. You will have opportunity on technical trends that will pattern themselves based on big market players. With your trading system in place, you will be able to ride the swings during this period of market volatility.

Check out our events calendar for all the releases that will impact your trading week.

This is the time to seize the throne of opportunity and become the king, or queen, of your trading castle.

Our brand spankin’ new system will have you riding your chariot full of profits all the way to the bank.

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