Are you cashing in on the USD?

Heads or tails?! Cash in on the weakening USD!

This is your binary options and forex video news update for May 2nd through the 6th, 2016.

I’m back from my mission’s trip in Panama, with Trader Ed, and wow was it an experience of a lifetime. I’m happy and humbled for the opportunity, but glad to be back and ready to roll with you this week on money making opportunities in the binary options and forex trading game.

It’s time to play a combination of currency pairs that will have you “in the money” for the week and starting off the month of May with your hand in the treasure chest.

treasure chest may calendar

It’s a big week with tell tale data that will either have the USD continuing to lose it’s steam against its major currency counterparts or standing its ground through PMI and employment numbers. What will tip the scales for or against the USD?

Think about it for a bit. The juggling act for the Fed’s and the U.S. economy is to stay ahead of the curve on any indication of inflationary pressures, but at the same time, stay competitive on the global stage.

Yellen and the Fed’s primary concern is to dampen the effects of the economic coin flip. Whether we see inflation begin to rear it’s ugly head, or if the other side of the coin reveals the nasty cat tail of a sluggish economy, Yellen’s trick is to keep the coin balancing on it’s axis for as long as possible.

Will we see PMI numbers continue the expansion trend and therefore give a pep to the USD, or will it be employment data that will turbo-boost the dollar for the week?

One of these releases will act as the counterbalance that will bring a brief rally to the USD this week. This will be an excellent time to utilize our Turbo 5 minute trading system and monitor your USD/Yen pairing for the Asian trading session along with the Aussie/USD. Remember to trade a half hour before to a half hour after the rate announcement for the Aussie on Tuesday.

By utilizing the Turbo 5 trading system you’ll be able to take advantage of price action and market volatility that will dramatically improve your chances of being “IN THE MONEY”.

This week’s major news releases will include PMI numbers for China, USD and the Sterling along with all important employment numbers for the USD and the Loonie. There will be rate and policy statements for the Aussie along with speaking engagements from President Draghi, for the Euro, and Governor Poloz, for the Loonie.

Will the weakening trend continue for the USD? Find out and profit this week 5 sweet minutes at a time by boosting your profit potential with the Turbo 5 trading system.

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