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This is your binary options and forex video news update for May 16th through the 20th, 2016.

As a currency and commodities trader, there’s been ample, predictable volatility to make big time profits for the week.

As we talked about on last week’s update, the markets provided plenty of opportunities for us trader’s that were looking to score profits on the cable and USD/Kiwi pairings.

trading profit

Looking ahead to this week releases, CPI numbers will be “en vogue” for the Sterling, the USD and the Loonie.

The release of the Fed minutes may prove a little more chic than usual. Clues may be provided by the Fed’s on whether they think there’s enough steam to the U.S. economy to have a rate hike featured for the June meeting. This may prove to be a good market mover to hop on the major USD pairings and score a profit. At this point, it appears that there is no way the Fed’s are going to move on a rate hike any time soon. With the U.S. economic outlook looking “less than sexy” nowadays, the buoyed efforts of employment numbers are starting to stumble down the runway. If employment data continues weak for the week, this will be cause for concern that may have the majors rallying against the USD.

We will have good action playing off of employment numbers this week for the Sterling, the Aussie and the USD. The hot move may be to hop on the trend against the USD.

The fashionable play for the week will be on the cable. The price action on the cable will be playing off of employment numbers for both the USD and the Sterling along with concerns from the looming referendum on a Brexit from the Euro zone. Don’t be surprised to see that weak employment numbers for the USD will have the cable bouncing to 1.45 and above for the week.

Don’t be caught in a fashion faux pas. The lasting play to stay fashionable is always implementing trading systems that can have you scoring a bit of “bling” with profit in your pocket every time you sit down for trading session.