Hot off the Panama Papers!

Legit profit straight from Panama awaits you!

This is your binary options and forex video news update for April 18th through the 22nd, 2016.

I’m actually here in beautiful Boquete, Panama with Trader Ed who’s manning the camera right now. Thank God we’re not in the Panama Papers…we’ve done alright making our Small Money into Bigger Money in the trading game. Doing it well, but keeping it legit is what it’s all about.

patio view panama

Myself and Trader Ed are here in Panama doing some missionary work while having a great time bringing eternal hope to needy souls.

Last week revealed that the USD is feeling the effects of a jittery market that isn’t taking the Fed bait of a strengthening U.S. economy. Fed head Yellen is even having a tough time taking a bite out of her own rhetoric much less swallowing it. Simply put…being on the right side of market trends is all about merging fundamental causes with technical price action by being in the know.

Here we go:

Big market movers for the week include:

-Speaking engagements from the Aussie’s Governor Stevens and about an hour and a half later from the Loonie’s Governor Poloz

-With an all important ECB press conference on Thursday, the markets will be popping as President Draghi and his cronies look to have their Q.E. decisions reaffirmed by the courts. The ECB’s “whatever it’s going to take” attitude might be biting them where it hurts if serious limitations to Germany’s role are curtailed by the courts. Coupled with the threat of Brexit, by the U.K., from Euro zone markets, the Euro may be ripe for a pounding (pun intended) against its major currency counterparts.

-A play maybe in store for the Loonie/USD pairing as CPI data will reveal if the Loonie has any hard ground to gain its footing or if the oil slick in the markets hasn’t quite dried up enough for traction.

Check out our Small Money Made Big events calendar for all the major releases for the week

Ironically, our trip to Panama has been a timely mission within the “land of the Canal”. The canal might be an international bridge to trade, but there is still a huge divide between the “have’s” and the “have not’s”. As the “Panama Papers” reveal, the “have’s” have the upper hand for now.

Trading the binary options and forex markets affords all of us the opportunity to land on the side of having much success. Give a man a fish and you’ve helped him eat for a day, teach him how to catch fish and you’ve helped eat for a lifetime.

At we want to teach you how to eat for a lifetime.