Beautiful trade set ups for the week…

Time to cash in with a great trade setup!

This is your binary options and forex video news update for April 4th through the 8th, 2016.

With Fed Chair Yellen continuing to show her dominant dove face for future rate hikes the USD is feeling the pinch on the currency market forefront.

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The rosy outlook on employment numbers for the labor market has veiled the more realistic picture of an anemic U.S. economy. With all of Yellen’s efforts to acquiesce the market bulls, clamoring for a rate hike, being “under the gun” is not enough duress to distort the rough ride that lies ahead for the U.S. economy. But then again…with a global economy that finds itself in a tailspin, where else are investors gonna turn to?

This is the perplexing conundrum that traders face for the future, but for this week you should see predictable volatility that will make the forex and binary options trading world a wonderful place to be.

Here’s a few of the major releases to look out for, to tap profit for the week:

  • Anticipate good action on your Aussie/USD pairings as we have data for the Aussie on Retail Sales and the RBA Rate Statement. Although manipulated, the “better than expected” numbers coming from China this last week should continue to provide a bump to the Aussie. Especially, if stronger than expected retail data paints a “prettier picture” for the land down under’s economy. Couple this with Govenor Stevens and the RBA keeping rates copacetic, this will look to inject fuel to the Aussie for the week.
  • On Thursday, there will be speaking engagements first from ECB President Draghi and then from Fed Chair Yellen. Now that Fed Chair Yellen has sufficiently shown her dovish face this last week, expect a hint of hopeful hawkish rhetoric to even-out the tone on the U.S. economy and the overall global outlook. All the while, we can anticipate that President Draghi will be singing the praises of Q.E. for taking a positive hold on a united euro zone. All this may lend itself to the Euro flirting with 1.15 (and beyond) against the USD as Draghi rolls out his sentiments. Don’t be surprised with a snap back on the Euro as Yellen tries to sell a more determined approach towards an improved U.S. economy in her speech.
  • The final releases for the week involve employment numbers for the Loonie. Be prepared for a potential break out for the USD/Loonie pairing. The markets will have a difficult time this week masking the realities of a continued oversupply on oil. Time maybe ripe for weak employment numbers that may couple themselves with the glutton of oil. This in turn, has the propensity to bode weak…very weak for the Loonie.

What makes for a wonderful trading week? Is it a brighter financial future? Is it the sweet sound of a trading signal alert? The fresh feel of profit in your pocket?…Maybe it’s all of the above.

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