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Hail the king and queen of your trading empire!

This is you binary options and forex trading video news update for February 29th through March 4th, 2016.

I have had countless conversations with folks that want to live the lifestyle of a king or queen, but don’t want to put out even a small effort to obtain it.

I don’t think that’s you…why? Because by being in the know, as a forex and binary options trader, we have provided you the tools for success that you can replicate time and time again…and all it takes is gaining a bit of knowledge, a bit of know how and a bit of determination in order to gain a lot of profit in your pocket.

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Here we go with the news: This last week we saw a bounce in oil as OPEC head’s have hinted towards a March meeting. This doesn’t mean they’re going to cut down production, but just the rumor of a meeting was enough to jolt the oil markets.

We saw a see-saw of action as major currencies played off of the USD. The big race in this “no win” game is to press on with currency weakness as this competitive advantage, in turn, will strengthen momentum for struggling economies. Most of the major player’s are turning tricks on the USD. Continued strength, pushed on the USD, is keeping the U.S. economy sputtering; while its counterparts are attempting to gain traction on their own economic woes. The best play for ailing global economies is to sit at the poker table as the meek lowly peasant. This is all at the expense of the U.S. who’s left holding the suicide King. It doesn’t matter which place at the poker table you have, in the long run, a folding hand for everybody creates a “no win” situation.

Let’s get into what’s gonna pop on the trading markets for this week:

The G20 meetings in Shanghai revealed that China’s kryptonite is its own self, as their reluctant government does not want to give in to free market fluctuations. We might see China burn through its reserves faster than Millennial s will feel the “bern” of a fading Bernie Sanders bid for the White House. China, at some point, will need to relent and give the markets what they want…freedom.

The Aussie’s will have a rate statement this week. Don’t be surprised if the Aussie makes a play and hops on board the easing train. As Asian markets go awry, the Aussie will feel the tangled effects of a waning commodity market and trade balance numbers appear to be tipped against their favor.

PMI data will hit the streets for China, the Euro, the Sterling and the USD.

The all important employment numbers will be on the docket this week for the USD. When trading, be sure to take notice as the action settles about an hour after each employment announcement. You will have opportunity on technical trends that will pattern themselves based on big market players. With your trading system in place, you will be able to ride the swings during this period of market volatility.

Check out our events calendar for all the releases that will impact your trading week.

This is the time to seize the throne of opportunity and become the king, or queen, of your trading castle.

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Making Fast Money In Binary Options Trading

Is it possible to make fast money through binary options trading?

Is it possible to turn a quick profit even as a beginner?

What kind of success can I expect?

Will it take a lot of time and money to get into?

All these valid concerns will be addressed in this article. As an expert trader with over 20 years of trading experience I have gone through countless ups and downs of success and failure. I have learned from my successes and a ton from my failures.

My mission is to shorten the learning curve of the beginning binary options trader and dramatically improve the success of the experienced currency intra-day trader.

To address the first question posed: yes, a trader can make fast money trading binary options, but it is not a get rich quick scheme.

It will take diligence and preparation in order to manage opportunities during market movement to optimize and profit from trades. The trader’s diligence in learning and becoming proficient in reading market conditions is an invaluable tool to making that fast money on those quick turnaround trades.

fast money

Binary options trading offers fast money to be made with quick turnaround trades. These quick trades can be termed hyper scalping, which is trading in incremental time frames as fast as 60 seconds (1 minute). Since binary option trading offers only two possible outcomes to the trade, at the time of expiry, it makes it very simple to track success and failure. The trader’s success rate will be determined by the effectiveness of predicting whether an assets (currency pairing or commodity) value will be up or down from the point of entry to the time of expiry.

To address the second question posed: yes, it is possible to turn a quick profit even as a beginner, but in order to achieve consistency it will take practice, determination and an understanding of how the market moves via fundamental and technical analysis.

It is not difficult to understand the 5 “W’s” (What, When, Why, Who and How) of market movement, but knowing how and when to implement a trading strategy or a trading system in harmony with the other 3”W’s” is where the sweet spot of success can be achieved most often.

To address the third question posed: quick success in trading the binary options market can be achieved, but it should not be expected until the trader becomes more experienced and familiar with the markets, methods, strategies and systems of trading.

Once the trader has gained a significant level of proficiency, then the expectation of having an overall winning ratio of 70%, 80% or even 90% can be anticipated. The hope and progression is to enhance success and become more proficient through experience and practice.

The best way to achieve consistent, bankable success is through a disciplined system, strategy and method of trading the currency and commodity markets. A reliable system that is easily downloaded on the trading platform allows the trader to hear and/or see the best opportunity of when to enter a trade via audio and/or visual alerts and signals. This can be an invaluable tool that may dramatically improve the beginning and the experienced trader’s opportunity to earn profit and achieve success.

By having a reliable system of trading that includes custom indicators, the trader is able to determine confirmation of the signals and alerts then make their move to enter a trade.

To answer the final question posed: the beauty of binary option trading is the flexibility it provides both with your financial circumstance and your time.

The trader, through a binary options broker, has the flexibility and ability to invest as little as $5 USD a trade and a demo or practice trading account can be obtained for free. The currency and commodity markets, due to their global nature, are almost always open for business. Look out for my next article that will address the best time for trading the markets.

Prepare for PROFIT liftoff!

Do you like rockets? Profit making awesomeness is here!

This is you binary options and forex news video update for February 22nd through the 26th, 2016.

We are all about putting you in the cockpit of awesomeness! We have launched our new 60 Second Hyper Scalper. This brand spankin’ new system is a rocket of profit that will have you stocking up on win after win, 60 sweet seconds at a time.

We’re so excited about this new system that we can’t contain it! The 60 Second Hyper Scalper, with its custom indicators and alerts, will transform the way you make fast money trades.

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Now onto the fundamental news. This last week we saw lots of action on multiple major currency pairings with predictable volatility that hit across the board for most trading sessions.

My wife and I found excellent success trading the Tokyo session this week, monitoring three currency pairs. We won 13 out of 16 trades in just a couple of trading sessions and we only spent an hour in doing so. Not to mention that two of the losses were because we didn’t stick to the plan and our system for trading. Even with our own goof up we managed an 81% win ratio. At $100 a trade for an hour’s worth of work, you do the math. Not too shabby! Now that’s what I’m talking about!

As the Fed’s unveiled their meeting minutes this week, we saw the world’s best poker faces reveal their uncertainty about the U.S. economy and global turmoil that is hitting the markets. The truth is that all this uncertainty is creating waves of volatility. For the first month of the new year this volatility was making it very difficult to predict market conditions in order to successfully trade and make consistent profit. But now the markets are falling into patterns of predictable volatility that will make it much easier for the savvy trader to get in and with confidence predict a win.

ECB President Draghi has also been vying for the attention of his Euro zone partners. He’s imploring them for cooperation, in his continued attempt to boost the economy, and he’s prepared to light another easing fuse if necessary. So far, for all of ECB President Draghi’s effort, euro zone Q.E. is panning out to be more of a dud than a spark.


Let’s take a look at some of your market movers for this week:

It’s a light week of releases, but that doesn’t mean that the markets are gonna stay still. Plenty of predictable volatility will be in order so that you can count on profit making opportunities that will keep your pockets full.

Impact will be felt from the USD for CB Consumer Confidence Index, Crude Oil Inventories, Unemployment Claims and Preliminary GDP.

All other currency pairing will play off of these releases, along with limited action from the info coming out of the two day G20 meetings.

Do you like rockets? We’re placing you in the cockpit of this profit rocket that will launch you through the twist and turns of navigating the markets with winning trades on our new customized 60 Second Hyper Scalper System. It will have you double dipping with awesomeness on fast money trades.

Check it out as we have it specially priced just for you.

Are you Monkey-ing Around?

Don’t monkey around with your trades!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for February 15th through the 19th, 2016.

While China and their Asian compatriots celebrated the Chinese New Year of the monkey, the global markets, spearheaded by the dive in Asian economies, have been staring down the barrel of much more frightening prospects. The Chinese monkey is flailing and hoping it doesn’t get devoured by the gaping mouth of market bears.

This last week, Fed Chair Yellen, testified before Congress, but in not saying much, she revealed a lot. The unconvincing rhetoric regarding the U.S. economy has the market pundits convinced that no rate hike is forthcoming in the near future and most likely not at all for this 2016 year of the monkey.

monkey trader

The Bank of Japan is keeping its hands full manipulating the Yen, in order to be the meekest and weakest kid on the block. Made strong in weakness is the pressing motto for Governor Kuroda and the BOJ.

Concerns over the real state of the U.S. economy are coming to light, and markets are responding, as trader’s are running for temporary cover of what is being perceived as more desirable assets.

Is there a more sinister dark cloud looming over the U.S. economy? Well, yes and no.

Yes, because the U.S., for all it’s attempts to convince otherwise, is still an economy looking to find footing. On the other hand no, because even though footing is on a slippery slope, you have its global competitor’s already falling off the precipice.

As we mentioned earlier in the year, where else are investors gonna go to quench their thirst for sustenance? After it’s all said and done, the USD and its contingent financial markets will continue to have thirsty investors as their cup bearer. Nobody worth their chops is going to monkey around with fledgling emerging markets and the repercussions that reverberate on their respective currencies. In other words, the USD is still going to be holding strong against their currency counterparts.

Whether 2016 turns out to be the year of the puppy, the Chinese baby boom or a red monkey, neither will be cute enough to shake off the creep factor that is taking over emerging market economies.

While global chaos abounds, Friday’s temporary rebound in oil, due to technical’s that lined up just right, had savvy trader’s rolling in a barrel of oil monkeys and “In The Money” for the week.

Another savvy move might be to hop on the gold rush to offset your currency trades.

Let’s take a look at what’s on tap for a few of this week’s market moving releases:

-On the Asian market forefront, we’ll have Trade Balance numbers for China, the Kiwi will have Core Retail and Retail Sales, GDT Price Index and PPI Input.

-For the Aussie, Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes, Employment Change and Unemployment Rate.
With low expectations, the Sterling will have year over year CPI, Earnings and Unemployment Numbers.

-The Euro will have a Monday speaking engagement from ECB President Draghi that will layout a forward strategy for Q.E. and the direction for monetary policy. Expect a volatile wave of action on your Euro pairings as he lays out his scenario.

-For the USD, Philly Fed Manufacturing Index, Unemployment and Crude Oil Inventories and both the Loonie and the USD will have CPI data at the end of the week

How are you going to tame the wild monkey of 2016 that is running haywire on the markets? It’s easy… trading systems truly work to make you profit over and over again. Were always here with full e-mail support.

You can be caught being a chimp or a chump if you’re not equipped. We’re hear to help you be champ and make the best of your money making opportunities.

Oil or Gold Anyone?

Do you have a crystal ball for the markets?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for February 8th through the 12th, 2016.

None of us have a crystal ball, a psychic or a fortune teller that can reveal to us what the markets will do before it happens. If you did, you would be much too busy right now checking out how you would be spending your billions.

What can you rely on to foresee the future? The answer is simple…fundamental AND technical analysis. The better you prepare yourself with the fundamental releases that will impact your trading game and the better your technical indicators are, the more times you’ll be on the winning side and bringing home the bacon.

When you’re equipped to anticipate market movement and can see where the market is headed, then you’ll be ready to confirm your trade and enjoy the spoils of profits rolling in.

That’s where you want to be, right here with us at Small Money Made Big. We help guide you to consistent profits.

This last week the markets ran amok with so much playing off of the oil markets. Will we continue to see the strength being sapped out of the USD?

With oil continuing to loose its luster it might be time to whet your appetite. Going “long” signals may be around the corner as we anticipate a brief bounce in price as calculated manipulation of demand will provide a surge.

As we mentioned earlier last month, gold is starting to rear it’s head as a hot commodity. Demand has been weak for the last couple of years as the bulls of the stock market waved their red capes. Safe havens will be “en vogue” this year as an avalanche of global economic slowdown will start to spank the bulls.

Releases that will move the market needle this week include: U.S. oil inventories, testimony from Fed Chair Yellen on Wednesday and on Thursday, U.S. Retail Sales and Consumer Sentiment measurement.

This should be a great week for us traders looking to seize on PREDICTABLE market volatility for profit making trades.

None of us can foretell the future. As with life, when it comes to the trading markets, a crystal ball, a psychic or a fortune teller isn’t gonna help you find your pot of gold. It takes good fundamental preparation and awesome technical indicators.

Abracadabra tactics are “out the window”.

With predictable volatility hitting commodities like gold, oil and silver check out our GSO trading system that will have you “IN THE MONEY” many times over.

Ride the waves of volatility

Will you be the “Big Kahuna” riding waves of volatility all the way to epic profits?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for February 1st through the 5th, 2016

Unpredictable waves of volatility hit the currency, commodity and stock markets this last week and made it very difficult, even for the most proficient trader’s, to gauge the best time to get in. “Hang loose” as the trading markets, in the next few weeks, are going to have traders, like us, “amped” as we start to ride predictable waves of volatility for profit. The markets mentality is due to change where the savvy trader will learn to detect which waves to ride and bring it in for profit.

How do you detect the right waves to ride? trading systems of course. Just like our forex binary scalper, all of our trading systems are tailor-made to have you bypass the gnarly sets and have you taking “the drop” on only the waves that count.

currency surfing

There will be an onslaught of releases this week that will convert ripples into excellent waves to drop in and scalp profit. Let’s highlight a few:

Big reveal PMI numbers will hit the Sterling, the USD and China, which in turn, impacts your commodity based currencies.
Be on the lookout for policy statements for the Aussie and the Sterling.
Big impact employment data for the Kiwi, the Loonie and the USD
Also have your “head’s up”on the oil market and inventory data for the USD

In this “rush” of volatility that has pounded the shores of 2016 trading markets, it is more important than ever to carve out a trading plan and system that will circumvent the choppy ups and downs and “put” (or “call”) you through the pipeline of profit.

You’ll be the “Big Kahuna” catching the party wave that will leave everybody in your wake.

Totally tubular, dude!