Are you challenged to a profit duel?

Showdown at the “it ain’t okay” corral.

This is your binary options and forex video news update for January 25th through the 29th, 2016.

Now that the new year buzz, and most of those well intentioned resolutions have worn off, the realities of the global financial markets are showing their concern about what lies ahead and revealing the hairy truths about the good, the bad and the ugly.


With no sure footing taking hold, are we heading into the “wild west” of economic and profit making turmoil?

Gunslingers are shooting up and down the markets with very sketchy data that will point the way to an open frontier of trading for 2016.

Is gold poised to be a profit maker as traders and investors run and hide to this safe haven commodity against current market conditions?

The conflicting economic data that is plaguing the USD will continue to have the Fed’s questioning when to pull the trigger again for 2016. A quick a trigger finger on lift off might look to have been a premature move in light of global conditions.

It’s been a hee-haw see-saw for oil this last week, as market bears took their fair share of the plunder. The battle cry against the bears may be nothing more than meek wimper’s. The battle may have the bulls scuttling for refuge from the down pour of bad news continuing to plague commodity driven currencies.

Even with its own economic setbacks starting to unfold for the new year, the USD maintains its strength as the “Big Honcho” because let’s face it, frankly, what other economic stalwart has the “britches” to knock them off their pedestal?

Even in a controlled environment, China is still trying to tame their bucking markets with less than stellar results.

The showdown this week will be between you and the bucking broncos of volatility moving the markets. Pay attention to the market movers for the week that include:

-Rate and policy statements for the Yen, the Kiwi and the USD
-Consumer Confidence indexes and GDP data for the Loonie and the USD
-Unemployment numbers for the USD

Check out our event calendar for all the news releases that impact your trades for the week.

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No lotto fever needed

Hit your winning lotto numbers for fast money right here!

This is your binary option and forex news update for January 18th through the 22nd, 2015.

Lotto fever hit the U.S. this last week with 3 lucky winners splitting the whopping big bank of 1.6 billion dollars. The biggest payout in history.

Those winners will have their financial life set on easy street, right?…Well not so fast, since a majority of lotto winners are overwhelmed by their new-found wealth and in a few short years find themselves in dire straits. So, no need to be jealous. But, what would you do with all that money?

I can dream can’t I?

Well back to reality. Reality is that you are in the know and are fortunate enough to be equipped with tools to make your own big bank in the trading game.

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Let’s take a look at some of the fundamental news releases to keep our eye on for this week:

Is China cheating with ease? China has been easing, by devaluing their currency (the Yuan), to try and stave off their financial woes. At the same time, the manipulation of their currency is making things difficult for the U.S. Is it fair play to keep things flowing their way by weakening their currency? The same conundrum may be said for the Yen as the BOJ strengthens their own resolve by keeping things weak.

Expect that the Aussie and the Kiwi will suffer from China’s temporary calamity, as the weak look to inherit the earth…for the time being.

CPI inflation numbers will be in full swing this week for the Sterling, the Kiwi, the Loonie and the USD. No real jump is expected and this may bode well for the bears.

The Bank of Canada continues to lose footing as the Loonie may also find itself on easing street. We’ll see what the outlook will be from the BOC this week as retail sales look to take a hit.

For the Euro, we will have Flash PMI numbers and ECB Press Conference. The progress of being on easing street will have to continue to press forward. Anticipate some downward pressure on the Euro as the smoke continues to clear from the sparks created by stimulus.

The USD has unemployment claims to come out and the Philly Fed Manufacturing Index. It appears that the veil of strength still is on the head’s of the Fed’s. It may take until the end of the first quarter before the veil is lifted and something more sinister is shown from the U.S. economy.

It’s fun to dream about winning the lotto, but real dreams come true by applying your craft as a trader.

So stick to it. Trading the markets comes with its own well earned rewards that will have you achieving your goal of financial freedom.

The Profit Force is Calling. Let It In

Awaken the profit force within you.

This is your binary option and forex video news update for January 11th through the 15th, 2016.

Has the force been with you as things in the trading game awaken to the realities of 2016?

We’ve got “start of the year jitters” for China, oil and doubt that the USD will be able to justify hiking rates in the midst of global economic turmoil.

What a way to kick off the new year! These are the realities of the fundamental dynamics that will impact your trades this week and for the foreseeable future.

If the force is with you, you should be riding high on the millennium falcon on your way to major profit making trades for the year.

All these forces of turbulence create market volatility. As these fundamental happenings develop, it will create predictable volatility for the markets. This is when savvy investor’s, like yourself, should be able to capitalize and make money riding the binary option and forex superhighway.

In order to do this, just like in the epic Star Wars adventures, you will need a “force” to guide you on your way to profit making trades. For trading, that “force” comes in the form of trading systems. They are custom made for optimizing your wins and come with full unlimited e-mail support.

Let’s take a look at what’s on tap for the week:

Things are coming into focus for currency pairings that will optimize your trades. With China on the rocks, commodity driven currencies, like the Aussie, the Kiwi and even the Loonie are going to struggle to find footing against the majors. But how weak can things get? The bottom may not drop out just yet, but we won’t be surprised to see support levels sag lower.

Even though Fed head Yellen is trying to show the wisdom of Yoda, will it be inevitable that the mask of USD strength will come undone? For now, the options going against the USD don’t look very promising, it will be awhile before the young guns of emerging markets will fight their way back. Strength and safe haven will be found with the “Millennium Falcon” of the USD as the “Death Star” of emerging markets will continue in chaos.

We’ll get perspective for the Sterling from the MPC this week and don’t be surprised to see “the cable” take a slight tumble on the announcement.

Check out all the week’s fundamental news releases on

Now’s the time to awaken the profit force within you.

Profit Big This New Year

Fireworks and profit will be flying to start the New Year!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for January 4th through 8th, 2016.

I hope you enjoyed the Holidays and now it’s time to get back to the game of making money so that you’re able to achieve the reality of financial freedom for 2016…and it starts right here.

The Fed’s were insistent on a 2015 lift off for rates and by golly they gave the hawks a holly jolly Christmas season. Now we’re in 2016 and ready for a fresh perspective.

This means here at Small Money Made Big we’re ready to take you to the next level. We will be unveiling some dynamite for your trading arsenal that will have you exploding with profit this year. Stay tuned! We are giddy with excitement on how we plan to equip you for fast money turnarounds and have your coffers spilling over.

Let’s look at the market movers that will be on the calendar for this week:

Quite a few PMI numbers will be hitting the streets this week for their respective currencies that include: China, the Euro, the Sterling, the Loonie and the USD.

A focus can be placed on PMI data for the Sterling as we may start to see hints of weakness hitting the U.K. economy. With signs of developing weakness you can anticipate a drop in the Cable.

There will be Trade Balance data releases for the Loonie, the USD, the Aussie and the Sterling. Pay close attention to how these numbers will stack up against the USD as their counterpart on the respective currency pairings.

Dollar currency

Later on in the week, we will have the all important employment numbers for the USD and the Loonie.
Will the USD build strength on the momentum from 2015? Will it see rate sharks looking for a feeding frenzy for the first quarter or will a more sobering report have the the hawks tumbling from their perch and seeking the safety of their nests?

Check out our events calendar for all the releases that will impact your binary option and forex trades for the week.

This year will provide plenty of volatility and plenty of opportunity for profit on your trades. Start the new year right with Small Money Made Big trading systems that will having you cashing in on the fireworks. We provide full unlimited e-mail support for all our systems and since they’re so affordable, there’s no excuses.