Rate lift off is here

‘Tis this season, so get ready to shake your money maker for 2016!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for December 21st through the 25th, 2015.

Well we’re off and running with the Fed’s as they put on a plastic smile and gave us a re-assuring steadiness to the dot plot for 2016. Four plotted rate hikes for 2016 is a solid attempt to have us buy in that things are as rosy for the U.S. economy as they want it to be. Are you buying it?

With the first rate hike in over nine years, now in the rear view mirror, and 2016 staring at us right in the face, there will be lots of questions to be answered in the coming year. How is the USD going to stack up against its major currency counterparts? Are the somewhat improving employment numbers going to be a sufficient driving force to keep raising rates and stave off a global economic down turn and regional civil unrest? Is the Euro going to have enough “umpf” to breakout of the inflation doldrums? Are commodity dependent currencies like the Aussie, the Kiwi and the Loonie going to be able to stay afloat until a real bounce hits oil along with other production industries?

rate and currencies

An answer to all these questions will unfold in the coming year…but the real question is…are you going to be ready to profit no matter which way the trade winds blow? Your answer should be a resounding YES. That confidence comes from being “in the know” and having reliable trading systems that have you “IN THE MONEY” throughout the New Year!

2015 had its good moments and not so good moments. It has nearly come and gone and with 2016 comes a new slate full of hope and promise.

This is the time of year to take your cues from the “big market player’s” and take a break to enjoy the holidays. We’re gonna take our break as the trading markets are mostly left in the hand’s of the inexperienced until after the turn of the new year.

2016 is going to be awesome! Stay tuned as we will have a secret reveal to start the new year with a trading bang!

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.