Rate Lift Off

The final countdown to rate launch is here!

This is your binary option and forex signals video news update for December 14th through the 18th 2015.

Finally, after much speculation and countless analysis of what Yellen and the Fed’s will do…it’s here. The Fed’s have backed themselves into a corner and on Wednesday, they will have their final meeting of the year to announce the premature lift off on rates.

Most everyone anticipates the launch and with all the hawkish rhetoric from Janet Yellen and the Feds, it is nothing more than a foregone conclusion that the slow inching towards”normalcy” will begin on Wednesday.

inching towards a rate hike

Even with the more than expected rate hike already priced into the market, when the announcement hits the street, it still should send ripples of volatility throughout the USD and it’s major counterparts.

Coupled with the Fed meeting, other releases that will impact your currency pairings for the week include:

CPI data for the Sterling, the USD, and the Loonie. A bevy of PMI numbers for the Euro along with German Business Climate.

Policy statement from the Bank of Japan for the Yen and USD unemployment numbers.

For all the releases that will impact your trading day check out our news event calendar at SmallMoneyMadeBig.com

Even up until this last week, the mixed signals of the U.S. economy are in, and barring an unforeseen catastrophe, the Feds have an itchy “trigger finger” and are ready to pull the trigger on rates. This will set the stage for 2016 as well as the follow up response from the USD and all of its major counterparts. Will other global currencies take their cues and hedge their bets against the USD?…and will the USD reign supreme or be the lone wolf that is left in the dust after everything settles?

Things continue to get interesting as we approach the new year, so fasten your seat belt and be ready to launch your trades into the stratosphere of consistent profit.