Rate lift off is here

‘Tis this season, so get ready to shake your money maker for 2016!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for December 21st through the 25th, 2015.

Well we’re off and running with the Fed’s as they put on a plastic smile and gave us a re-assuring steadiness to the dot plot for 2016. Four plotted rate hikes for 2016 is a solid attempt to have us buy in that things are as rosy for the U.S. economy as they want it to be. Are you buying it?

With the first rate hike in over nine years, now in the rear view mirror, and 2016 staring at us right in the face, there will be lots of questions to be answered in the coming year. How is the USD going to stack up against its major currency counterparts? Are the somewhat improving employment numbers going to be a sufficient driving force to keep raising rates and stave off a global economic down turn and regional civil unrest? Is the Euro going to have enough “umpf” to breakout of the inflation doldrums? Are commodity dependent currencies like the Aussie, the Kiwi and the Loonie going to be able to stay afloat until a real bounce hits oil along with other production industries?

rate and currencies

An answer to all these questions will unfold in the coming year…but the real question is…are you going to be ready to profit no matter which way the trade winds blow? Your answer should be a resounding YES. That confidence comes from being “in the know” and having reliable trading systems that have you “IN THE MONEY” throughout the New Year!

2015 had its good moments and not so good moments. It has nearly come and gone and with 2016 comes a new slate full of hope and promise.

This is the time of year to take your cues from the “big market player’s” and take a break to enjoy the holidays. We’re gonna take our break as the trading markets are mostly left in the hand’s of the inexperienced until after the turn of the new year.

2016 is going to be awesome! Stay tuned as we will have a secret reveal to start the new year with a trading bang!

From our family to yours, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Rate Lift Off

The final countdown to rate launch is here!

This is your binary option and forex signals video news update for December 14th through the 18th 2015.

Finally, after much speculation and countless analysis of what Yellen and the Fed’s will do…it’s here. The Fed’s have backed themselves into a corner and on Wednesday, they will have their final meeting of the year to announce the premature lift off on rates.

Most everyone anticipates the launch and with all the hawkish rhetoric from Janet Yellen and the Feds, it is nothing more than a foregone conclusion that the slow inching towards”normalcy” will begin on Wednesday.

inching towards a rate hike

Even with the more than expected rate hike already priced into the market, when the announcement hits the street, it still should send ripples of volatility throughout the USD and it’s major counterparts.

Coupled with the Fed meeting, other releases that will impact your currency pairings for the week include:

CPI data for the Sterling, the USD, and the Loonie. A bevy of PMI numbers for the Euro along with German Business Climate.

Policy statement from the Bank of Japan for the Yen and USD unemployment numbers.

For all the releases that will impact your trading day check out our news event calendar at SmallMoneyMadeBig.com

Even up until this last week, the mixed signals of the U.S. economy are in, and barring an unforeseen catastrophe, the Feds have an itchy “trigger finger” and are ready to pull the trigger on rates. This will set the stage for 2016 as well as the follow up response from the USD and all of its major counterparts. Will other global currencies take their cues and hedge their bets against the USD?…and will the USD reign supreme or be the lone wolf that is left in the dust after everything settles?

Things continue to get interesting as we approach the new year, so fasten your seat belt and be ready to launch your trades into the stratosphere of consistent profit.

Are you profiting from a rate hike this holiday season?

Giving or getting? A rate hike may have you profiting this holiday season.

This is your binary option and forex signals video news update for December 7th through the 11th, 2015.

The “biggest week” of the trading year has come and gone and we called it right here, at Small Money Made Big. The Euro hit the spiked egg nog and shot up. This took many pundits by surprise, while the USD sobered up against its counterparts.

The persistence of OPEC to rollover its output policy for the first half of the year is driving down oil prices. Crude is on the precipice of going below $40 a barrel and staying low for the foreseeable future unless unrest in the Middle East turns the tide.

By trying to keep the Euro weak for the long term, Draghi created a temporary spike in the Euro by dampening 2016 inflation forecasts down to 1%, from the previous 1.1% and keeping in check any new Q.E. purchases. In all the disappointment from traders who jumped in on the rumor of increased Euro stimulus, they were left “high and dry” by the more than expected dovish stance from Draghi and the ECB. Many were left holding an empty bag.

With speaking engagements from the various “Fed heads”, which included the “notorious” Janet Yellen, this week they continue paving the way for lift off on rates for the last meeting of the year on December 16th. Has the market already priced in the rate hike in anticipation of the announcement that seems to be nothing more than a formality at this point? Not so fast! As we anticipate lift off, mixed in with the uncertainty of Asian and emerging markets along with the Euro zone, this will trigger a cocktail of volatility to end the year with bang!

As we approach the new year, will we see the USD take a prolonged down turn against its forex currency counterparts? I don’t know if a prolonged down turn will be in play for the USD since it’s economic picture is panning out to be a lot more rosy than most, but a blip of weakness appears to be headed down the pike after the rate hike.

After last week’s bevy of releases, this week looks to be a bit lighter on the docket, but chalked with market moving events for the week that include:

The Kiwi’s rate policy statement. The Reserve Bank and Governor Wheeler look to keep things on par for now, but the action will hit with crafted words that will hint to whether a cut is forthcoming as the commodity driven economy continues to suffer from weak demand that threatens stagnancy.

Business confidence and unemployment rate for the Aussie. Australia’s hopping real estate sector will be chilling; and with prospects of the commodity market looking dim for the first quarter of the year, the Aussie might be experiencing a couple of jabs that may have it staggering to catch its’ bearings.

For the Yen, there will be a speaking engagement from Governor Kuroda. He will provide perspective for the coming year. Don’t expect any fireworks hitting the yen as he continues due course in hopes of finding higher ground on the inflation forefront for 2016.

The Sterling will have have its Monetary Policy Statement. Expect that Carney, and the BOE, will be poised to show themselves as an admirable adversary to the Euro and the USD as it looks to gain traction on meeting inflation targets for 2016. They may not make a move on hiking the rate, but it’s positioning will have the Sterling standing proud with strength against its counterparts.

The USD will have retail sales numbers and unemployment claims. Unless these numbers shock with a dire revelation, we will see ourselves in the cockpit with Fed head Yellen as she launches us off the tarmac and into the turbulence of a premature rate hike.

Whether you’re getting or giving stuff this holiday season (or both) you want to make sure you’re getting “in the money” on your trades and giving yourself the best opportunity for profit every time you enter a trading session. Be sure to have your gift bags filled with profit.

trading rate hike

The best way to do this is by having a great trading system. Give yourself the gift of profit by checking out our winning trading systems at SmallMoneyMadeBig.com