Rate Hike…where’s the smart trade money at?

Cheers or jeer’s this holiday season…

This is your binary option and forex video news update for November 30th through December 4th, 2015.

Last week’s data showed that the Euro may not yet be “out of the woods” on future easing from the ECB, but it appears that some of the implementation of Q.E. is starting to take hold. The deliberate weakness perspective from ECB President Draghi will continue to make strides towards getting the inflation number back to respectability. In the meantime, will the Euro take a beat down on the road to parity?

The Fed’s are leading everyone to believe that there are no foreseeable barriers to interest rate lift off for their December 16th meeting. If the rate hike is imminent, is there anything on the horizon that is going to create a monumental roadblock from lift off?

As if a December Fed rate hike is a foregone conclusion, will we see a transitional period for the Euro against the USD after the Fed announcement? All the downward pressure on the Euro has it pointing towards parity. But don’t be surprised to see the Euro take a swig of the spiked egg nog that may have it flying high, although temporarily, to a level around 1.08. Holiday cheer for the USD may have a short stint of sobering reality as it will find itself having to shake off the “blues” of the season when things come to fruition.

This is one of the most active and important week of releases for the year. Let’s highlight what’s on tap, but check out our news event calendar for a complete look at the slew of releases that will hit the market:

OPEC will meet at the end of the week as oil prices continue their tumble. They will press forward with their agenda to let the market dictate prices as they start to find creeping success in terms of market share. A glutton of inventory looks to have oil prices down in the doldrums before any bounce back can emerge.

oil commodities

On the Asian market forefront: For the Aussie we’ll have market action from Stevens and the RBA as we anticipate they’ll leave rates alone for now, but have revealing words as to what lies ahead. With heavy reliance on China’s economy, we’ll see the Aussies’ response to the Yuan’s PMI numbers and its introduction to the IMF currency basket.

For the Euro, it appears that Draghi will provide perspective on fresh proposals in his next step on the Q.E. path.

The Loonie has it’s own set of circumstances to deal with, as the drag on oil prices and commodity pricing will have the BOC contemplating and hinting at a move for the early part of 2016.

For the USD, the last employment numbers before the December 16th Fed meeting, barring catastrophe, will solidify the launch on interest rates. Fed Chair Yellen’s speaking engagements for the week will pave the way for final market pricing that will settle the issue.

We’re almost at the end of the year and with the holidays quickly approaching, is it time to cheer or jeer at what is coming for the currency and commodity markets. The signals are in and it’s always time to cheer. Why? Because with your Small Money Made Big winning trading systems, and all the market action forthcoming, you will be bound with confidence to cash in on profits that will have your pockets full of holiday cheer!

Turn your trades in profit

Turn your turkey trades into profit!

This is your Small Money Made Big binary options signals and forex video news update for November 23rd through the 27th, 2015.

It’s that time of the year again for the USD. We’re taking time to reflect and give thanks to all the blessings received throughout the year are on the table in the form of a roasted, basted, or fried turkey and all the fixin’s that come with it.

With many global economies continuing to show signs of an uphill struggle, the U.S. is brushing aside any mixed signals and pushing forward with determination on a rate hike as we turn the corner into December. This is the Fed’s last opportunity to make a splash for 2015.

With a couple of well prepared speaking engagements from ECB President Draghi, he is making it plain to see that his intent on a weak Euro is the card he’s going to play no matter what hand is dealt.

Draghi currency

As we hinted last week, the Euro continues a streak of weakness against the USD as we get closer to parity between the two currencies.

Will we see a bounce off of the 1.06 level for the pairing…or will this create a band of resistance for the next drop in the Euro?

In light of the tragic events from last week’s massacre in Paris, along with a refugee crisis, a stalemate in Greek reform and countless other factors in turmoil, it appears that the ECB will have its hands full for 2016. We don’t see the Euro turning the corner any time soon.

It’s a light week of releases as thankful feasting will have the U.S. stuffed with turkey celebrations. We’ll have to see if the throngs of “Black Friday” shoppers come out to play and give the U.S. economy that much needed retail boost to solidify the Fed’s pending determination to a rate hike in December as they weigh their moves towards “normalization”.

Even with a light load we’ll see a few good market movers for the week that include French and German Flash Manufacturing PMI for the Euro, Consumer Confidence, Prelim GDP and Unemployment Claims for the USD and a speech from Governor Stevens for the Aussie.

The end of the year is approaching and the holiday season will be in full swing. If you have had more than a few turkey trades this year, it’s time to make a change and get into profit this holiday season

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Cocktails Anyone?

Cocktails compliments of Yellen and Draghi.

This is your binary option and forex video news update for November 16th through the 20th, 2015.

It’s time to fire up the blender as a cocktail of conflicting data will be the basis for the Fed’s heading “due course” to the first rate hike in over 9 years. With a shady mix of good employment numbers and weak data from retail sectors (and the like) the U.S. economy is in the blender. What comes out will be anybody’s guess, but one thing’s for sure, Yellen will be gulping down the cocktail and she wants you to take a sip too.

currency cocktail

Will ECB President Draghi continue being hard headed by making sure the Euro mixer stays weak? Will he splash in some bitters from Greece to keep things this way for the time being?

All these factors look to play out for this last part of the year and will prove to be market movers that can have you gulping down binary option profits.

Have you been smelling what Fed Chair Yellen and ECB President Draghi have been cooking? They are on opposite sides of the kitchen, utilizing totally different ingredients in order to entice growth that will have hungry denizens buy into a bigger slice of their economic pie.

While Yellen is looking to spice things up with sure hints of an overcooked rate hike coming in December, Draghi is going the “easing” way to let the markets know that his pie needs some baking before its ready. No matter which economic pie you buy, will both pies be selling at close to the same price? That’s right, with weak signals from the euro zone and the ECB and flashy strength from Yellen and the Fed’s, could your EUR/USD currency pairings be heading towards parity?

Who will be ready to ride this horse before it’s time to bet on another ride? It certainly appears that real market movement has been hedging its way through a field of ghost riders on the last lap towards EUR/USD parity.

What will keep the market moving this week? Let’s take a look at what’s on tap:

Probably not much coming from the G20 meetings, so we set this aside to see another speech from ECB President Draghi on Monday and Euro Economic Sentiment for Tuesday.

CPI numbers and Fed Meeting Minutes for the USD.

CPI and Retail numbers for the Loonie.

The Yen has its BOJ Policy Statement and Press Conference.

Check out our Small Money Made Big events calendar for all the fundamental news that impacts your trading week.

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Take a (rate) hike!

Are you ready to take a hike?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for November 9th through the 13th, 2015.

Fed Chair Yellen wants us to believe that it’s time to put our hiking boots on just before Christmas! After more than nine years since the last rate hike, the Fed’s are telling us to take a hike. But it will be more of a molehill than a mountain that we’ll be climbing. They’re leading us to believe that they are clearing a hiking path for us to follow.

Do you believe that a December rate hike will be reality?

As a “so called” imminent rate hike is being factored in by the markets, have we not learned a lesson that you can buy the rumor and never have the real facts of their intention?

If you’re going to be hiking this Christmas season, you may as well have the best boots in the business to trek through all the obstacles that will be coming your way.

trading systems

Whether being chased by a wild bull, a grizzly bear or feral pig with lipstick you’ll need to trek your way through the mire to get to the promised land of profit.

To decipher the impact on the currency and commodity markets, it will be time to pay close attention to the actual data and not the rhetoric.

The Aussie’s stayed steady on the rate, but it did not stop sparks of volatility that afflicted Aussie pairings for the week. Some translated Governor Stevens’ statement to be more hawkish than expected. The actual stance by the RBA was more neutral, but with the actual banks forcing his hand, by making their own contrarian move on rates, it had the currency pairings reacting but not certain on which way they should go.

As things settle, we can anticipate seeing the Aussie grow strength only if we see an uptick on commodity pricing.

The Sterling has stayed the course, but there were no hopeful signs of meeting its inflation target. This has the Bank of England reeling-in any hawks as a dovish stance stays firm in light of a continued Asian down turn and weak commodity pricing. Apparently, the BOE has no plans of keeping stride with the Fed’s. Yellen and the Fed’s will need to determine if the risk of going at it alone is worth the rewards.

Let’s look at what’s on tap for this week’s market mover’s:

Right off the bat, we’ll see the release on how confident Aussie businesses are; on the state of the economy and commodities along with impactful CPI, PPI and production data from China.

Employment numbers will hit for the Sterling, the Aussie and the USD.

Strong numbers are needed in order for the USD to keep up the rhetoric and the reaffirmation that it’s time to go on a hike.

With the buying season upon us, we’ll have to see what the retail landscape looks like, to this point… as the numbers will reveal whether there is sufficient momentum to create a rosy outlook for retailers this Christmas season.

The best trading boots for rate hikes (or not) are found at SmallMoneyMadeBig.com. Also check out our events calendar to see what releases will impact your trades for the week.

If you have a question, let us know. We’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns that will help make you a better trader. Are the Fed’s going to hike the rate this December? Let us know what you think.

Penny Stocks: Big Bucks or Big Scam?

Can trading penny stocks make your small money into big money?

Trading penny stocks is touted as a great way to make your small money into big money, but is it all hype that sucks money right out of your pocket or can the outcome be real profit that swells up your bank account?

The first and biggest of hurdles for finding success in trading penny stocks is finding the right stock that is going to sky rocket just after your trading dollars have been invested.

How do you find that “one in a thousand” stock? Some penny stock marketers will be happy to sell you a program that will measure the stocks future potential and provide you the right recommendations.

The problem is that many of these penny stock marketers have an agenda in providing the “right” recommendations for certain stocks. They may have a stake in the stock recommendations that suits their interest, not yours.

Do you really want to trust your hard earned trading dollars to a “half-cocked” trading bot that has no interest in your profit earning potential?

There’s a better chance of hitting that dream lottery ticket.

Congratulations, if you by chance, hit the penny stocks lottery. For most, the risk/reward conundrum will be more than even a savvy trader can take without pulling their hair out, being wrapped in a straight jacket and taken to a loony bin.

The idea of being a profitable and proficient day trader is based on the premise of taking advantage of predictable volatility.

With all the hurdles and barriers of investing in penny stocks, how does one make profit trading on a daily basis?

The lure of penny stocks can be very enticing because it provides the appeal of investing a small amount of money and turning it into big money. This is the ultimate goal of the trader, but with the astronomical odds, how will one actually turn a profit?

The best approach may be an alternative day trading vehicle. A viable alternative to the lure of penny stocks is exploring other types of trading that can be much more easily predicted and thus make it much easier to turn profit as a daily reality. One of the alternatives is the foreign exchange currency markets via short term binary option trading.

Short term binary option trading has been an accessible source for day trader’s for several years, but has not yet been brought to the forefront. For those “in the know” it can be a gem of the day trading markets.

The lucrative aspect of binary option trading is its simplicity in potentially earning profit. It is based on predicting whether a foreign exchange currency pair will either be above your entry point or below it, at the selected time expiry for the trade. Expiry times can vary from 60 seconds, 5 minutes or hours depending on the comfort level of the trader.

If the trader has predicted the outcome of the trade correctly they have won the trade and are said to be “in the money” (an expression also known as ITM). There are several aspects of binary option trading that can dramatically enhance your opportunity for success.

Just like with any type of trading vehicle, it is imperative to do your homework. Doing your homework entails understanding basic market movement along with cause and effect of fundamental and technical analysis that will impact trading success.

The knowledge for binary option trading can be obtained from various online sources. Implementing the proper knowledge is the key to successful foreign exchange currency trading. It doesn’t matter whether you call it a binary option trading strategy, a binary option trading method or binary option trading system… a direction and approach is key. It is imperative that a trader implement a trading system that will help determine predictability, market movement and when the best opportunity presents itself to enter a trade.

Another benefit to short term trading of binary options is that your able to hone your skills trading a system on a demo (practice) account. The trader is able to practice and learn as they develop proficiency in trading binary options.

If one likes the idea of making big money trading penny stocks, they might as well start training now because there’s a better chance of becoming an Olympic track and field star than making it big trading penny stocks. There are a ton of hurdles that would need to be jumped before the reality of making big bank would come to fruition.

Although the idea of trading penny stocks has its allure, the odds of turning a big profit are much too astronomical to make it a viable option. Alternative methods of day trading, such as short term binary option trading, can be much more predictable and enhance the opportunity for big profit.

Spooked by the markets this past week?

Time to get your trading groove on!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for November 2nd through the 6th, 2015.

Will the “teasers” of a rate hike from the Fed’s be enough to have Yellen get her groove on for a December liftoff?

The Fed’s are at it again. They’re enjoying surfing the waves of volatility they’re creating in the marketplace by the certainty of their statements on hiking rates and yet their lack of action in doing so.

They’re staying put for now, but come December, the hints of Christmas cheer might be a bit of optimistic blather, where Yellen appears to have been hitting the spiked eggnog a little too soon for the season.

Janet Yellen

With the decision by the Kiwi’s to also stay put for now, and their rates looking to go the opposite way of the U.S., the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Governor Wheeler is content to sit on his hands for now and see what develops with the Fed’s and the real estate market. The hope is for a weaker Kiwi going forward to have CPI numbers migrating to the target area. The hope could prove to be nothing more than wishful thinking as a naughty economy will have Santa bringing the Kiwi a stocking full of coal for Christmas, but even that commodity won’t be cheap enough to boost exports.

For the Yen, the BOJ (Bank of Japan) and Governor Kuroda will continue steady even with tumultuous data that is letting the wind out of the sails and not coming close to its inflation expectations going forward. The numbers may look dismal for now as well as the near future, but the BOJ is hopeful that they can pick up the slack by the turn of the year. Steady and just strong enough will be the BOJ’s motto. Another step up in Q.E. might have been in order, but maybe more than the Samurai economy is willing to bear.

Let’s look ahead and tackle the market movers for the week:

Don’t under estimate that the weakness of China’s sputtering economy will weigh heavily on the disposition of the Aussie to cut or not to cut, at this point. With CPI numbers falling short of expectation, the Aussie finds itself in a quandry as the stance from the Kiwi and Fed’s stay put. The circumstance for the Aussie appears to be a bit more precarious as loosening the ties to its commodity driven economy won’t be as easily untangled as they would hope.

The U.K.’s monetary policy perspective will be out this week, but don’t anticipate any bombshells hitting the Sterling. “Par for the course” and “hold steady” approaches for the various central bank’s seem to be plaguing enough uncertainty in the markets for self inflicted volatility.

With employment numbers coming out this week for the Kiwi, the Loonie and the USD they will provide plenty of spikes to juice up market movement.

Things will get more and more interesting as we approach the end of 2015. The Halloween goblins are gone and now we have to look at the reality of what lies ahead for the currency trading markets.

Big wins and big cash are at your fingertips as you get your trading groove on and cash in on predictable volatility.