Draghi makes certain Euro stays weak

Is Draghi your Euro daddy?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for October 26th through the 30th, 2015.

Despite the spike in some of its industrial sectors, things are looking bleak for the BOC and the Loonie as oil prices continue to hit the skids. Oil is weighing heavy on the land of the maple leaf with Governor Poloz and the BOC looking to take steps in softening the blow. High volatility is “en vogue” for your Loonie pairings.

On the same side of the pond we see that the U.S. is still showing flashes of strength in its economy. Will this be enough for the Fed’s to pull the trigger on rates despite evident global slowdown concerns? Yellen may be afraid that a move now will leave her with no weapons in the arsenal if things go awry.

On the other side of the pond, it appears that ECB President Draghi is playing the “woe is me” victim in this global slowdown and that further action for the near future is on the table. Another slice into negative rates or a further boost into pumping up Q.E. are all in play as Draghi keeps stretching his neck to make certain the Euro stays weak.

stretch rates

With analysts and pundits putting in their two cents, Goldman Sachs is handing out calculated predictions for parity looming on the Euro’s horizon. Is this just Draghi pulling the strings with his former cronies at Goldman Sachs or is he pressing the hand of the Fed’s to pre-empt a move on rates?

Things will loom large as market movers are on the docket for this week:

Carefully crafted words will be bouncing waves of volatility on the market as we look forward to rate statements on Wednesday for the Kiwi and of course the Fed’s. Governor Kuroda and the BOJ will release their statement for the Yen sometime early Friday, but it appears that for the Yen, their content to keep things steady and allow what is already in place to take its course.

Other movers for the week include, confidence indices for the Euro, Kiwi and the USD. For more on this, check out our news event calendar at SmallMoneyMadeBig.com

Is Draghi the wielding Daddy figure while Yellen sucks her thumb and waits to have her diaper changed.

Who’s agenda will reign supreme? You know the score…you’ll have the opportunity to sit back, look, listen and get in on the action.

The markets are going to move and it is up to you to cash in. There will be profit to be made.

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Market Mover Fed Chair Yellen

Is Yellen too sexy for a rate hike?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for October 19th through the 23rd 2015.

The fed’s are sitting pretty on rates for now as well as in the foreseeable future. With a data dependent approach, it appears that the time to strike on a rate hike is not only cool, but it is ice cold for 2015.

yellen pinup girl

The Fed’s appear to be behind the eight ball on their decision for rate hikes and the markets are frazzled trying to figure out which way will things will go for the remainder of this year. The launching pad for rate “lift off” has been chained off by the Fed’s. The teasing effect of their conflicting rhetoric is showing that they enjoy the limelight of volatility that they are creating for the economic markets.

This week’s bounce back on China’s stock market and on a few emerging Asian markets seem to be misplaced by hopeful bulls looking for a run. Riding a bullish rally may find investors with nothing more than being mounted on a frail starving calf looking for refuge.

Oil and gold markets are strung out. With the Fed’s dragging their feet, even with OPEC hinting towards a cut on production and cuts in U.S. oil production, levels still favor the supply side. Oil prices look to stay weak as we close out the last quarter of the year.

Let’s take a look at this week’s market movers:

For your Loonie pairings we’ll have policy direction from the Bank of Canada. The Loonie is still trying to work out the momentum from the last cut. It’s a rocky road, but we anticipate the BOC will stay put for now.

The Euro will also be looking at interest rate policy perspective from the ECB and President Draghi. The “tale of the tape” for the Euro will be if there has been sufficient Q.E. to actually boost the economy. They will be staying put for now, but don’t be surprised if volatility will be sparked with hints of a future boost in Q.E. This may be a forward step for the ECB, and the Euro, to end the fourth quarter. The Euro will also have several PMI releases that will impact the currency’s pairings.

With several members of the Fed’s holding court at various speaking engagements, which includes Fed Chair Yellen, we can watch them strut their stuff, but they provide us with nothing more than a “peeping Tom” view of what they expect to do on rates. We have come to expect volatile market movement as even lower level members of the Fed give their assessments on the U.S. economy.

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What’s a trader to do?

Are fundamental forces ruffling your technical feathers?

This is your binary option and forex news update for October 5th through 9th , 2015.

There’s always lots of market news to ruffle your trading feathers…from hackers trying to mess with accounts, brokers trying to take advantage, government restrictions and so much more…what’s a trader to do?

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yellen and dudley tightrope

The Fed’s are dead set ahead and adamant that a rate hike is right around the corner. When the doves are chirping about a rate hike, is this the time to take their well crafted words to the bank?

Hold up, hold up, let’s not get too ahead of the Fed head’s chirping because, so far this year, their words have yet to match their actions. We’ve got the end of this month for the Fed’s to take action or else December is the last remaining hope for the 2015 hawks.

As we have noted on previous posts, did the Fed’s miss their chance to strike while the iron was hot?…or was the apprehension well warranted so that they don’t get the U.S. economy in a pickle that they cant’ get out of? As always, time will tell. Hindsight is 20/20, but moving forward you’ll be able to cash in no matter which way interest rates go. It’s the beauty of the currency trading business.

With a data dependent perspective, the Fed’s are dealing with moving parts and forces that, on a domestic level, are battling conflicting data and on the global stage are confronting head winds for Fed hawks.

You’ve got China trying to scratch and claw their way out of an economic slump. The fall out from commodity driven currencies like the Aussie and to another extent the Kiwi will be caught in the monsoon of flying debris hitting their shores.

As a currency trader, this week’s releases will have you taking note and cashing in:

The hard to ignore PMI data for the Sterling and the USD will be on the slate for the start of the week.
Trade balance figures for the Loonie and the USD
Key policy statements for the Aussie, the Yen, and the Sterling will set the tone for interest rates going forward that will impact your currency pairings

The U.S. economy is still in a state of limbo in regards to interest rate lift off and we’ll see if the words from Fed heads Yellen and Dudley are just yelling duds.

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