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This week of news releases that includes policy announcements for the Kiwi and the BOE’s (Bank of England) direction for the Sterling will spur some volatility, but we approach next week’s Fed meeting with full anticipation of what direction the announcement and the markets will take.

economic news

Even with global uncertainty, the USD has proven its resiliency. With this in mind, some are pressing that the approaching Fed meeting will be the best time to act on it’s directive to raise rates this year. It can be argued that a rate hike, now more than later, will alleviate building pressure; providing benefits and leverage for economic markets across the board going forward.

The opposing pundit’s view is that the global economic outlook is bleak and that a rate hike, at this point, would further exasperate underlying instability in the U.S. economy.

Taking both sides of the argument into consideration, it may prove prudent for the Fed’s to strike now while it’s hot. Market movers have already taken the move for an economic rate hike into consideration and made their adjustments.

A momentum building week of releases presents an excellent opportunity to take advantage of predictable volatility and economic movement.

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