Rate Hike or Not?

Is Yellen going to hike up her rate skirt or is it just blowing in the wind?

Janet Yellen Fed Chairwoman

This is your binary option and forex news update for September 28th through October 2nd, 2015.

With the third quarter of the year now in the rear view mirror now it’s going to be “put up” or “shut up” for Yellen and the Fed’s on this last quarter of 2015.

In the words of the late great Yankee wit, Yogi Berra “When you come to a fork in the road, take it.”

So, as things come to a crossroad with economic turmoil for China, emerging markets, commodity dependent currencies and uncertainty in the Euro zone, what is a Fed Chair to do?

The answer is in the silence of her inaction. If action breeds action then the same would be true for inaction. Should we, as traders, be ready for inaction? If so, will the inaction of the Fed’s create more predictable volatility or less predictable volatility in the markets?

As trader’s, we need to be diligent and ready to pounce on Fed action or inaction because no matter which way the rate hike wind blows, there’s big profit to be made and that’s the beauty of the business.

Now, to hone in on your quality opportunities for trading profit this week let’s look at what’s on tap:

This week, we’re all searching for any hints of clarity and direction from the Fed’s murkiness. However, it appears that any moment of clarity will need to come in the form of an interview on Monday from Federal Reserve member William Dudley and a separate Wednesday speaking engagement from Fed head Yellen. We’re in hopes that one of them steps out of the haze and provides an impression of what the Fed’s direction will be to close out 2015. The direction of the wind on Fed rates will help us traders set the tone for our currency trades going forward.

Look out for business confidence measurements coming for the USD and the Kiwi.

Quite a few PMI figures will provide perspective for China’s economy that is looking for any bounce to its economic doldrums, but it appears that for now China’s playing with a deflated ball.

Uncle Sam’s employment and unemployment figures will loom large for the U.S. as conflicting data has Yellen and the Fed doves looking more like a deer caught in headlights.

As we transition into a new season, times will be changing with our weather and for many the sights, smells, sounds and colors of a new season brings along new energy and hope. It’s a great time to focus those energies on doing the things that lead to financial freedom.

With one last gem from Yogi Berra “The future ain’t what it used to be”, so it’s time to change your future for the better.

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The Feds Have Gone and Done It!

The Fed head’s are crossing their fingers, but you don’t have to…

This is your binary option and forex video news update for the week of September 21st through the 25th, 2015.

The Fed’s finally did it! After more than 9 years they finally did…nothing…again. We went from the sugar high of sweet speculation, to staying put on the launching pad. It’s like a bad plane trip where your flight is stuck on the tarmac and everyone’s breathing in each others growing impatience.

The hawks will be nesting in frustration while the doves keep flying high. The tepid Fed’s have halted a launch on rates for the time being, but have they seized up on their opportunity to seize the opportunity? The currency markets will have a measured response for the next month.

As Yellen hinted, this is just going to be a snail’s pace progression for the Fed’s. The Fed’s approach may stabilize the market for now, but as things loom closer to the end of this year, increased volatility will be back in full swing.

yellen snail

Future Fed action maybe slow, but the reality is that the lift off will create a more readily predictable currency market. As things progress with the U.S. economy, they’ll be taking a strong lead as the Chinese economy continues to tuck its tail.

Up, down and all around, no matter which way world markets go with your money made big, you’re going to make your dough. The response from the markets are shoddy at best as we will now see the global flow funneling its way to the USD. A continued exodus from emerging market economies and China dependent currencies will be suffering the brunt of the blow.

Apprehension continues to have a hold on Yellen and the Fed’s, and anxious hawks are just waiting to pounce on the Fed action as they look to feast on the reacting markets. The hope lies on a Field of Dreams where, if the Fed’s sell sanctuary well enough, they will come. Expanding the Fed tool kit is on the back burner as they cross their fingers that their next move will be the right one. We’ll have to see if the global downward dive continues and if the Fed’s may have regrets of not striking while the iron was hot. For now, the doves are in charge of the nest.

For this coming week look out for the releases for Flash Manufacturing PMI from China and for the Euro along with the USD’s unemployment claim’s. We have speeches from Bank of Canada’s Governor Poloz for the Loonie, ECB President Draghi and, of course our favorite currency target, the Fed’s Janet Yellen.

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It’s time to cash in!

Will the Fed’s provide a feeding frenzy for forex markets this week?…

This is your binary option and forex news forecast and update for September 14th through the 18th, 2015.

As expected, this last week had plenty of predictable volatility. It provided many opportunities to plump up your pocket full of juicy mouth watering cash. The anticipated rate cut from the Kiwi’s brought in some good action against it’s currency counterparts, with a precipitous drop against the USD.

The world markets will revolve around the Fed statement as everybody anxiously awaits Yellen’s announcement on taking action with the rate hike now, or waiting a bit more down the road. There’s a ton of opinions on what the Fed’s should do. A good consensus would suggest, with so much rocky terrain that will need to be navigated by China (and emerging market economies), it will be a bumpy ride for everybody. But no better time will be presented to the Fed’s and Yellen to just hop into the 4×4 and crank up the engine.

Things look to be ripe for a Fed move and it’s time for them to act now before the ripeness turns into spoiled opportunity. A decay of rotting flesh may have an October move being too late if global economic conditions continue on a sharp down slope slide.

money in mouth

By taking their chances now, the USD in turn, may shore up even more so, against its major currency counterparts. The U.S. will need to lead the way as the waning Chinese economy and their main currency, the Yuan, are in retreat. China’s dream of having the Yuan as the lead currency for world markets now appears to be nothing more than than a zombie apocalypse nightmare.

Before the Fed statement this week, look out for the announcement from the Bank of Japan, as well as the U.K’s employment numbers for the Sterling, retail sales and CPI data for the USD.

With this week’s releases leading up to the Fed’s decision on Thursday, you’ll have ample opportunity to cash in on predictable volatility utilizing your SmallMoneyMadeBig.com trading systems.

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Economic News for Binary Option and Forex

Small Money Made Big binary option and forex video economic news update

is taking a break this week for September 7th -11th, 2015

I hope you have seized the opportunity to do some happy trading and picked up fistful of profits along the way.

This week of news releases that includes policy announcements for the Kiwi and the BOE’s (Bank of England) direction for the Sterling will spur some volatility, but we approach next week’s Fed meeting with full anticipation of what direction the announcement and the markets will take.

economic news

Even with global uncertainty, the USD has proven its resiliency. With this in mind, some are pressing that the approaching Fed meeting will be the best time to act on it’s directive to raise rates this year. It can be argued that a rate hike, now more than later, will alleviate building pressure; providing benefits and leverage for economic markets across the board going forward.

The opposing pundit’s view is that the global economic outlook is bleak and that a rate hike, at this point, would further exasperate underlying instability in the U.S. economy.

Taking both sides of the argument into consideration, it may prove prudent for the Fed’s to strike now while it’s hot. Market movers have already taken the move for an economic rate hike into consideration and made their adjustments.

A momentum building week of releases presents an excellent opportunity to take advantage of predictable volatility and economic movement.

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We’ll see you next week with a new video update that looks to enlighten, entertain and keep you in the loop of profit on all your binary option and forex currency trades and economic news.

Cheers and Happy Trading.