Forex and Binary Option Market News Update

Reach new heights of trading success…even in a little shop of horrors.

This is your forex and binary option video news update for August 31st through September 4th, 2015.

China, China, China!…will the global economy go down with the Red Dragon of the East? What a whirlwind of volatility, with up and down action that struck the markets this last week.

Will there be a dragon slayer that rises from western economies? The U.S. might show some resilience, but ultimately they’re tied to the same leash that will be tugging at the Chinese economy. No one escapes unscathed in this interconnected world market.

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With a tentative step and nervous apprehension, many of the world economies, and thus their respective currencies, enter the little shop of horrors that may take shape in the form of September markets. As we approach the end of the third quarter with a mix of optimistic gloom, pundits and prophets may be predicting a “blood moon” catastrophe, while others see green grass and blue skies. What looms large, no matter what the September scenario brings to light, there is always a coat-tail of success waiting for you to hop on and ride into forex and binary option profit making trades.

Volatility has brought opportunity in abundance and now is the time to cash in. With new lows and highs being struck by stock, oil and currency markets, this week will provide key opportunities to cash in.

There is a slew of releases for the week that will impact your forex and binary option currency trades, so here we go…

A bevvy of PMI numbers will be hitting the wires that impact all trading sessions. Be on the look out for the data and how you will adjust your trading perspective according to the numbers revealed.

For the Asian session, keen in on the Aussie’s RBA Statement; especially how this will all play into China’s downturn.

For the commodities market, the bounces in oil will take their toll as a resurgence in prices looks to have bulls pressing their agenda into September.

Once again, momentum is building for the Fed’s to take action in a couple of weeks. Hawks are pressing the Fed’s to strike. While the iron appears hot to make the rate hike, let the sparks fly where they may. A rate increase would be enacted in the bright light of deteriorating conditions for emerging markets and an overall global slowdown. Bold move or blunt oversight?

With American jobs and employment data continuing to show strong numbers on the surface, will this week’s releases show the USD to be the knight in shining armor, ready to take on the wounded Red Dragon?

September mourning might have many gloomy analysts are anticipating the opening of its doors to the little shop of horrors. But for the trader, this just opens the door to more opportunity and making your trading account into a delightful shop of profit.

Check out the news event calendar for all the economic news releases that impact your forex and binary option trading week.