Forex and Binary Option Market News Update

Reach new heights of trading success…even in a little shop of horrors.

This is your forex and binary option video news update for August 31st through September 4th, 2015.

China, China, China!…will the global economy go down with the Red Dragon of the East? What a whirlwind of volatility, with up and down action that struck the markets this last week.

Will there be a dragon slayer that rises from western economies? The U.S. might show some resilience, but ultimately they’re tied to the same leash that will be tugging at the Chinese economy. No one escapes unscathed in this interconnected world market.

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With a tentative step and nervous apprehension, many of the world economies, and thus their respective currencies, enter the little shop of horrors that may take shape in the form of September markets. As we approach the end of the third quarter with a mix of optimistic gloom, pundits and prophets may be predicting a “blood moon” catastrophe, while others see green grass and blue skies. What looms large, no matter what the September scenario brings to light, there is always a coat-tail of success waiting for you to hop on and ride into forex and binary option profit making trades.

Volatility has brought opportunity in abundance and now is the time to cash in. With new lows and highs being struck by stock, oil and currency markets, this week will provide key opportunities to cash in.

There is a slew of releases for the week that will impact your forex and binary option currency trades, so here we go…

A bevvy of PMI numbers will be hitting the wires that impact all trading sessions. Be on the look out for the data and how you will adjust your trading perspective according to the numbers revealed.

For the Asian session, keen in on the Aussie’s RBA Statement; especially how this will all play into China’s downturn.

For the commodities market, the bounces in oil will take their toll as a resurgence in prices looks to have bulls pressing their agenda into September.

Once again, momentum is building for the Fed’s to take action in a couple of weeks. Hawks are pressing the Fed’s to strike. While the iron appears hot to make the rate hike, let the sparks fly where they may. A rate increase would be enacted in the bright light of deteriorating conditions for emerging markets and an overall global slowdown. Bold move or blunt oversight?

With American jobs and employment data continuing to show strong numbers on the surface, will this week’s releases show the USD to be the knight in shining armor, ready to take on the wounded Red Dragon?

September mourning might have many gloomy analysts are anticipating the opening of its doors to the little shop of horrors. But for the trader, this just opens the door to more opportunity and making your trading account into a delightful shop of profit.

Check out the news event calendar for all the economic news releases that impact your forex and binary option trading week.

Are the Feds in on it?

Sabotage! A market mover mole is among us…are the Fed’s in on it?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for August 24th through the 28th, 2015.

A rat, a spy, a saboteur or a mole, call it what you will, but it appears that the fix is in. Question is…are the Fed’s in on it?

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Feds in on it

It’s time to ask some serious questions about what’s happening and who’s pulling the strings. Is it a good idea for the Fed’s to release timely and highly sensitive information to the media before releasing it to the public? Especially, when it has “big time” impact on market volatility. What kind of public trust discretion will the media exercise? Are there unscrupulous benefits to be had by big money player’s in the market that can simply pay off their journalistic conspirators?

Whether it be a leak that takes place 18 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 minute or 1 second before the official release, then the Fed’s (and the market’s validity) is in serious question.

The “accidental” leak prior to the official release of the Fed minutes this last week has tainted the trust of being on a fair playing field when trading the markets. The “Ooops, we did it gain” approach is becoming more than just a concern. Now, who will be held responsible for changes in procedure and will any “real action” be taken?

A “mea culpa” from financial media giant Bloomberg, and a slap on the wrist, will not be enough to cull these “accidental” leaks from taking place in the future. It will most assuredly happen again if new measures are not implemented by the Fed’s.

Now, of course, this is nothing new and a lot of traders already think that the fix is in. If this is the case, what are you doing to capitalize on market movement even when the fix is in?

If you lost your butt this last week because of the “accidental” leak then guess what?…it’s on YOU! Trader’s losses could be attributed to a couple of primary factors:

The foremost reason trader’s fell short due to the leak is because they were all in on their tech trades using auto-bot or algo trading systems. The human element of trading was absent. When the auto bots read the market wrong it was too late to recover. The “algo” trading system was beating to the wrong rhythm and that can mean there’s hell to pay out of your trading account…but don’t take it out on your furry little fuzzy auto bot trading system because it’s only doing what it was built to do.

Due diligence is essential and this means checking out the fundamental’s as well as the technical’s. If you need more on this, check out out our free e-book “The Simple Art Of Trading”. It will provide you with the psychological edge to be a consistently winning trader.

The solution to earning profit even if the fix is in is easy: trading systems. Why?…This last week was the perfect example of why you don’t take you the trader out of the equation. You are an integral part of the trading process in achieving profit and curbing losses.

When you utilize a manual trading system (and I don’t recommend even attempting to trade without one) you need to have one that compliments what you’re seeing as a trader as the market moves. Every system is going to have its alerts for a potential profit making trade, but it is up to you to make the basic confirmations of the trade before jumping in. This is the human element that can’t ever be replaced by an auto bot trader. Now is the time to take control of your trading and consistently achieve profit every time you sit down for a trading session.

Now, what to look out for on this week’s releases that can have you “in the money” if you utilize the trading systems and make your basic confirmations as a trader.

For the Asian sessions look out for Kiwi’s q/q Inflation Expectations and Trade Balance, as well as a speaking engagement on Wednesday for the Aussie, from Governor Stevens.

The Euro will have German Ifo Business Climate and for the USD pay attention to the Consumer Confidence Index, m/m Core Durable Goods Orders, q/q Preliminary GDP and Unemployment Claims.

For all the releases that impact your trading day always check out our news event calendar at

So, who’s pulling the strings on these leaks? Is the market rigged?…and are the Fed’s making it possible by releasing sensitive info to the media before the public? Who’s responsible and how can it be curbed in the future?

Give us your thoughts and opinions by commenting down below.

Profit time is here for you.

Back in Black…and in the cash!

This is your profit-able binary option and forex video news update for August 10th thru the 14th, 2015.

If you’re too cool for school, then the school of hard knocks will be knocking down your trading door. Everyday in the trading game, it’s a fresh learning experience. The key is getting back up, dusting yourself off, learning from the experiences and pressing forward with profit.

Why do more than 80% of those who dive into the trading game lose their shirt? The simple common denominator is that they fail to plan, fail to continue learning and fail to stick to a profit making system.

Turning around these epic fails can be made easy if you just had the right direction. It’s time to take a u-turn on your fails and enter the promise land of profit.

Honing in on your trading skills is a process that involves learning who you are as a trader and what makes you tick. Check out our free e-book “The Simple Art of Trading” by clicking on the banner below. This book will help you obtain profit with the psychological edge.

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The first step in that process is being plugged into the currency driven world around you. When fundamentals meet technicals is where you’ll find the milk and honey of profit.

So here we go:

This last week, the various PMI numbers from the Asian and Euro markets were showing themselves to be either flat or an overall disappointment. Super Thursday came…and went with nothing more than a super whimper, as the hard data revealed that the Sterling still has its wheels stuck on bump of slow growth that has the doves continuing to hover around their nest.

The Greek drama has become nothing more than background noise. They may be coming close to a workable deal with creditors, but the wounds are much too deep; the proverbial band aid will not be enough to stop the economy from bleeding out. The Euro may set up weak this week against its currency counterparts.

The USD has already priced in the rumor of next month’s rate hike as the Fed’s are pressing to have the spike come to fruition. In turn, the all but done September rate hike, that has been looming over the Fed’s this year, may have the bulls running. This may stabilize treasuries and the USD bulls will be on the hunt to gourd any hint of bears looking to feast.

This week you may find some good opportunity on the Asian sessions against USD pairings. USD releases later in the week will include Retail Sales and Unemployment Claims. This might bring good opportunity to dive in on trades that may see retracement’s take place, on correcting the overall pricing that has been factored on a forthcoming rate hike for the USD.

Stay tuned to the market releases this week by visiting and clicking the events calendar.

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Profit Money While Trading

Money is on the beach!…

This is your binary option and forex video news update for August 3rd through the 8th 2015.

You, too can profit and make money, while trading the binary option and forex markets.

Vacation time is here for some and gone for others. Now, let me ask you this, regardless of where you’re at or what you’re doing this week…whether it be on a beautiful sandy beach or plugging away at a 9 to 5…are you reaching your money making goals?

The beauty of trading the binary option and currency markets is that you can find success while you’re steps away from a white sandy beach, in your pajamas or anything in between. Your profit potential is at your fingertips.

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Here at we want to empower you with the knowledge, wisdom and systems that will dramatically improve your success and have you earning profit time and time again.

Super Thursday is all the talk for this week and you will need a super system to get you through the grind and have you smelling like a money-making rose.

This week, be on the look out for what hits as we’ll be having a keen eye on the releases that will affect your trading week. With PMI numbers that will impact the Asian, Euro and New York markets check out our news event calendar at

All the action and market movement will swirl around developments that will be released on Super Thursday. Bear this in mind, when executing your technical trades this week. With everything leading up to the U.K figuring in a rate hike, Aussies looking to ease and solidifying U.S. employment numbers for a September lift off on rates. Now, more than ever, is the time to pay attention to the fundamentals that impact your technical trades.

If you imagine yourself under the sun sipping a pina colada on a white sandy beach or curling up in your pajamas as you sip on a cup of coffee, there is profit that awaits your fingertips. You can literally, be making money on the beach while you sit at your laptop for just a few minutes a day.

Does it sound easy or too good to be true? Not when you put in a bit of time, utilize the trading systems, along with our FREE e-book, the Simple Art of Trading…and get on board with changing your financial life.