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Greek Austerity Measures

Sparking profit and burning down the trading house!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for July 20th through the 24th 2015.

The beat goes on for Greece, but austerity measures beat to a different drum than the will of the Greek constituents. The work for a pliable agreement that will “grease” the wheels for a resolution to raise Greece out of its burdened economy is not yet in place. Talk about a rock and a hard place. It appears that the uphill climb with the boulder of debt has become too cumbersome for the Greeks. Yet, letting go of it will only plow them down in the wake of destruction. It’s a no win situation that will have the Greeks scrambling in chaos.

The USD is already poised for the eminent rate hike that looks to be set for the third quarter. If the rate hike is already priced in, then what will be the market response to the flowing releases of improving U.S. economic numbers?

This will continue to be deciphered as the Greek debt story develops and the back draft of repercussions hits all of your currency pairings. The currency bounces that will be experienced this week will play off of the releases for the Kiwi and the Aussie.

The heat is on! Calls for Kiwi interest rate easing might be the gun powder needed to ignite economic activity. This should be a sparking catalyst to your Kiwi currency crosses.

With dour faces on both sides of Greek negotiation you may expect a bounce on any of your euro crosses as an anticipated collapse appears to be inevitable.

Now, how are you planning on cashing in on all this? As you see the market moving and reacting to the releases taking place, you want to be ready to strike on the break out for your currency pairings. This kind of action will be seen on all your Euro pairings, as well as China’s output dependent commodity driven currencies of the Kiwi and the Aussie for the week.

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Binary Option Trading News Update

A perfect storm is brewing…be sure to cash in on the trade winds.

This is your binary option and forex video news update for July 12th through the 17th 2015.

A lot of swirling talk, a lot of rhetoric, but very little action. What has been said to be a very difficult negotiation process by both sides, has been dragging along and proving to provide violent headwinds from the Troika and Greece.

This week there will be quite a few releases to disseminate, and decipher, the impact on your currency pairings radar. Check out our news event calendar at of the storm

From the Greek and Troika standoff, that is ground zero for the eye of the storm, to CPI data, and the crow of a Yellen speech, that will reassure a dove is not nesting on her head any longer, our trading forecast has got you covered.

For the Euro, one way or another, the dark clouds of trouble are forming just on the horizon. During current negotiations we may be teased with glimmers of hope that the storm will be averted. But ultimately, the austerity measures that would need to be implemented, will be too much for the Greeks to accept. A hurricane of chaos will bring about winds of change that will have the Greeks sitting in the rain without an umbrella.

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Greece sparks an explosion of profit in your account!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for July 5th through the 10th 2015.

The U.S. may have just celebrated Independence Day; and Canada Day may have had Canucks sparking with a pyrotechnic buzz. But the real fireworks will be this week as the referendum to continue with euro zone austerity is put to Greek vote.

tsipras varoufakis firework heads

The forex currency markets will pivot around every aspect of the Greek decision and the reverberating responses of the Euro.

Risk-reward opportunities will abound on every Euro cross this week. It’s time to cash in.

To be or not to be?…on the side of Greek austerity…that is the question. With all the rhetoric being spewed from leaders on both sides of the equation, which way will they go? With the Syriza party currently in control, they have enough pull to spread their message of a resounding “no” vote to the demands of the Greek creditors. I anticipate that this will be enough to sway the laymen vote who would otherwise, have to sift through convoluted referendum jargon in order to know where they stand.

The USD and YEN crosses will stand to gain strength, at least temporarily, with a “no” vote on the referendum.

A “yes” vote may anticipate market rally relief and temporarily help see gains for the Euro.

With global economies like China, the Aussies, the Kiwi and the Loonie losing steam, even with less than stellar numbers for the USD we can expect added strength as the Fed’s September rate launch approaches.

This season’s roller coaster ride is just the beginning. The main attraction is the Spyro Gyro called Greece and the blood pumping adrenaline swings that the Euro pairings will experience.

With the euro zone and the ECB scrambling in an attempt to quell chaos, Q.E. damage control will be in full force going forward.

The big fireworks will be going off in the markets this week and not in the season’s night sky.

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