Greece is the word. Go Greece lightning!

This is your binary option and forex video news update for June 29th through July 3rd 2015.

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Summer, summer had me a blast.

Tell me more, tell me more..

Did Greece put up a fight?

Tell me more, tell me more.

Has the troika lost sight.

Tell me more, tell me more

Tsipras crazy for Greece

Tell me more, tell me more

The Euro’s vola-til-ity

You get the picture. This week, Euro developments will have the markets on pins and needles. With a Greek referendum now on the radar, the moving target (that is Greek debt) will have the bulls eye square on its back.

The days of the Euro zone playing “kick the can” look to be coming to an end. It’s time to put up or shut up as the “Grexit” debate comes to a head.

With most options being exhausted, the act of “smoke and mirrors” for Euro creditors and Greece will no longer be “in the cards”.

Greece exit


As the Greek tragedy painstakingly unfolds, don’t be surprised to see other euro zone crises start to make their way to the forefront.

Your Euro currency pairings are going to be in for quite a ride so hold onto your rodeo hats as things are about to get bumpy. Cashing in on volatility is what it’s all about, so be ready to ride this out all the way to the promise land of big time profit.

Here is the trio of primary market movers to look out for this week:

The obvious…Greece, Greece and more Greece. Mediterranean fare will be on the menu, but the real question is…How much appetite will market moving traders have for the Euro?

A fledgling Chinese economy – With China cutting interest rates this last week, pay attention to the PMI data that will be released this week and have a close eye on the Chinese stock market as they look to put a damper on the downward spiral taking hold. Of course, the Chinese economy is closely tied in with commodity dependent currencies of the Kiwi and the Aussie. The rate cut may hurt short term, but the benefits looked to be reaped in the long run.

U.S. employment data – The increasing certainty of a rate hike before the end of the third quarter will be solidified by the employment numbers. Expectations are riding high for a September launch and there doesn’t appear to be any barriers on the horizon. Confirmation of the pending Fed move will be firmed up as the data unfolds.

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Profit -able Video News Update

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This is your binary option and forex video news update for the week of June 21st through the 26th, 2015.

Last week's Fed meeting didn't stir as many waves, as was expected, for the currency markets. The USD muscles drooped a bit on the very predictable stance from the Fed's. Yellen will keep hinting towards a rate hike (or two) for the year. Is this all just a ruse as a table setter to keep global market volatility in check? We'll have to see if Yellen is just crying wolf to keep the masses engaged. This may be the ploy, in order to keep the repercussions from being a shockwave of volatility, and have it be more of a tremor when the rate hike hits.

And as for Greece, for right's just noise.

What do you do as a savvy trader looking to profit? It's definitely a case of “buy the rumor and sell the fact”. With all the precursors leading to a rate hike, the market will have most of it priced into the actual announcemen when it comes to fruition. At that point: Buyer Beware!

The driving force in market volatility is the fundamental news releases. This is what allows you to profit on tech trades based on price action. You have to keep a beat on both, FUNdamentals and technicals, in order to beat the markets at their own game and put big time profits in your pocket.

With last week's Fed meeting now in the rear view mirror, its time to look ahead. It's a light week of releases on the docket, primarily fraught with PMI data for potential market movers that will have you “in the money” for the week.

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Binary Option and Forex News Update

Who’s head is on the chopping block?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for June 15th through the 19th 2015.

So far, clenching their fists, fainting and flinching has done nothing for the Troika to illicit an agreement with Prime Minister Tsipras and have the Greek predicament cave to their reform demands. As the end of the month approaches quickly, the time is coming for Greece to pay the pipers before it makes its final walk to the guillotine. An omnidirectional plan by the Troika is not going to save them from throwing bad money through a golden door to turn it in to good money. It’s a no win situation as the the three headed monster (ECB, IMF, EU) fights to keep its distance from the Greek sword that will slice through the last five years of recovery.

Some experts say that it doesn’t matter what happens to Greece and its debt crisis and that this hasn’t (and won’t have) much affect on the Euro. I wouldn’t give this perspective, from the so called “pundits”, much credence. Even though the tumble in the German Bund market, which has flowed to U.S. Treasury’s in the last couple of weeks, has been the main culprit for Euro movement, it all ties in with the German response to what is happening with the big fat Greek predicament.

Here’s a little conundrum for you. Who will be nesting on the Fed head’s this week as we prepare for this month’s statement on Wednesday? Will the hawks pecking finally win over to signs of a forthcoming rate hike or will the doves still have a loosening grip on the fragile twigs that are starting to fall apart.

This week will be chock full of volatility and an excellent time to seize many profit making opportunities on your binary option and forex trades.

An oil gush that continues to add supply to the global market had things at an overall stalemate for the week. For many parts of the world, summer is here and it’s in effect. But don’t plan on demand outstripping current market levels, as it appears that the barrel output will be mired in its own sludge of excess.

Who will be the market movers for the week? The Euro zone and the Greek crisis or the Fed hawks (or doves) that will be on the chopping block. Whichever way things go, don’t be led to the slaughter. With Small Money Made Big’s winning trading systems, be the one chopping out profits.

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Binary Option and Forex Market News

A pirate’s life for Draghi or Varoufakis? Who’s going to walk the currency plank?

This is your binary option and forex video market news update for the week of June 8th through the 12th, 2015.

It might be time for some financial guru’s to do some growing up and put their big boy pants on! Growing up is tough and growing an economy that’s stuck between a rock and a hard place is even tougher. The sword fight of negotiations between Greece and its creditors is not child’s play as this game is for keeps and will reverberate repercussions throughout euro zone economies and beyond. Playing games is for kids not for top finance head’s that are supposed to be leading global economies to greener pastures.

trading currency

Greece is playing the part of buccaneers threatening to buck the system, if they don’t receive a reprieve from their swashbuckling counterparts, the Troika.

Is the U.S. economy pulling the wool over everybody’s eyes? With last week’s Non-Farm Payroll numbers coming in better than expected, most pundits have taken their position. The consensus is in and a rate hike coming by October of this year is in the Fed cards…but not so fast! Even though experts may think that the data points to a rate hike, the reality is that wage growth had an uptick, but still remains anemic and substantive growth in sectors that count are still in question.

The Fed’s might have an itchy trigger finger to raise rates and provide a cushion of leverage for the future, but concerns of a tailspin have doves flying in formation until a buckshot of substantive momentum is fired their way.

For this week, keep your eye on the G7 meetings and what direction the financial minds of influence will be taking as they position themselves for strength heading into the third quarter.

A slew of data releases this week should have quite a bit of impact on your Asian currency pairings. On the cusp of entering the third quarter, China’s momentum may be waning. But don’t be surprised if the light shines brighter for CPI and PPI numbers that could be on the uptick and have the Aussie and Kiwi with a bit more skip in their step.

The alligators in the waters below are circling, hungry for a meal and are waiting to pounce on whoever’s going to fall in. Who will it be? Draghi or Varoufakis?

Will the USD continue to show signs of strength and will this translate to Fed action? Look out below, but the U.S. economy could be poised to plunge into deeper waters that the true sectors of economic growth may not be ready to support. The deeper waters might bypass the circling alligators on the surface, but more ominous threats lay below.

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The Euro vs Gyro

It’s the final countdown!  For the USD it’s time for the payroll numbers to muster up some real momentum for the economy or show its’ bluff.

This is your binary option and forex video news update for June 1st through the 5th 2015.

Who’s going to eat who’s lunch? It looks like either way, lunch will be served with a big chill.

Both sides of the euro coin will be hard to swallow as a no win situation comes to a head, either way we’re bound to see the “curly” shuffle of frustration that will plague the Troika.

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With the central banks of the Aussie (RBA), the Sterling (BoE) and the Euro (ECB) having nothing more than an opportunity to spout their opinions on the global economy (and its impact on their respective currency) will be nothing more than blathering and blubbering that would put a dirty, hungry infant to shame. Don’t expect any “peek-a-boo” surprises from either one of the statements.

uncle sam playing poker

The U.S. economy will have to play its hand this week as the Non-Farm Payroll numbers holds the cards that will show that the USD strength is a winner or just a closely held bluff that will finally reveal the masquerade of a losing hand.

Pay attention to market action that will surely move the needle as the data, and its results, come to fruition. A “not too hasty” trader that shows his patience for about an hour after the data should have market predictability and profit firmly in their grasp for tech trades that will have them “in the money”.

What will happen in this game of chicken being played by the Troika and the Greek heads? Both have a lot at stake and a lot to lose if default, and a Greek exit, take center stage. With this in mind, don’t be surprised to see the Troika blink first. The bluff maybe coming from the Greek heads, but the troika is keen on making sure that the walls of the euro zone won’t start to crumble and cave in on them quite so soon.

In order to satiate hunger pangs that have been felt by the Greeks, ironically enough, they’ll need to serve up a platter of Gyro’s on the Euro. It appears that the Troika will be left to clean up the mess of compromise in order to satisfy the palate of both the Greeks and the rest of the Euro zone.

With Greek payment due and the USD’s Non-Farm employment data on the docket, Freaky Friday will have lots of action to affect your EUR/USD currency pairings.

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