Bills, Thrills and Economic Spills

Bills, thrills and economic spills…where’s the money at?

Binary Option and Forex video news update for May17th through 22nd, 2015.

This last week ended with the USD against the ropes, countering its other major currency pairings, as U.S. economic optimism is starting to wane. Is this a trend that will start to set in or is it just a blip on the economic radar as Americans kick into gear awaking from the long winter doldrums?

The spring in the step of consumer spending has yet to kick in and the next few weeks are going to be telling on whether we see the Fed’s put on their dovish face, or if plowing through the data will have them donning the feather’s of different bird.

The hawks have yet to come out in full force and the data-dependent Fed’s have the current numbers pointing towards caution before any hawk eye looks to raise interest rates. With this in mind, the dialogue from the Meeting Minutes, at times, has had a tendency to contradict the official statement position, so don’t be surprised at deliberate revelations that rub against the shoulders of dovish leaning data.

economic data

It appears that the markets are prime to price in the Fed action well before the rumor becomes fact.

The bills are due and the coffers are empty! The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) are wearing thin on hopes of coming to terms with Greek debt. ECB President Draghi, the IMF, Greece and Finance Minister Varoufakis have been dragging their feet on taking necessary measures that will stave off default. At this point, efforts for rescuing Greece from the precipice will only be nothing more than futile attempts that will have Draghi and the IMF grasping into thin air. As the next Greek payment becomes due, the piper will have his hand out, but those in the know, already know that “no mas” will be the cry of the Greeks.

The Asian session for this week will have Japan’s rate decision, but nobody anticipates any action at this point. BOJ Governor Kuroda may hint at further easing in the future as the painstaking crawl towards the inflation target may be more like a slimy slug making its way to the bulls-eye.

Through the slippery slope, oil is trying to gain traction, but hold onto your rolling barrels because a spill in prices has yet to flow even with an outlook that appears to be bogged down with a glutton of surplus. The talk from OPEC is that it’s none too concerned and is willing to wait out waning demand until manipulation of oil markets are firmly in their grasp. This will lead the way for Bank of Canada Governor Poloz to have a tailor made excuse for the doldrums of the Canuck economy.

Be on the lookout for a bevvy of speaking engagements from key finance “guru’s” that will be a major factor for this week’s market movement.

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