Binary Option and Forex Market News Update

Slicing, dicing and chopping your way through Hell’s Currency Kitchen!

Binary option and forex news update for May 11 through 15, 2015.

With a double dose of volatility this last week, how are you cashing in on the volatility as markets rumble and tumble their way through the mush?

Here at we’re always cooking up a hot plate full of the “good stuff” to provide a smorgasbord of profits on all your binary option and forex market trades.

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Here we go with this weeks major releases that will have you plugged in to the fundamental news that, along with your technical trade system, will help keep you “in the money”:

China (CNY) – Year over year Industrial Production

As the PMI numbers have shown, contraction appears to have taken a foothold in the Chinese economy. With the Aussie and the Kiwi economy’s heavy reliance on providing commodities for China, the repercussions will continue to cradle the economy with icy fingers that will leave a frost on the respective Asian counterparts.

The Kiwi (NZD) – RBNZ Financial Stability Report, RBNZ Governor Wheeler Speaks and quarter over quarter Retail Sales.

The chirping sounds from the Kiwi may be more of a cry for help as it may be time to sink or swim for the economy as the oncoming data may have the currency reeling in choppy waters ahead.

The Aussie (AUD) – NAB Business Confidence, and Annual Budget Release

With the RBA fresh off of last week’s rate slash, and putting a smiley happy face of optimism going forward, is this based more on facade than facts? Time will tell, but optimistic kangaroos won’t be enough to hop, skip and a jump over the facts of a slowing real estate market and the tanking demand for Aussie commodities.

The Euro (EUR) – Eurogroup Meetings and quarter over quarter German Preliminary GDP

The contrast between positive momentum and strength from German production, coupled with the affliction of Greek debt putting a drag on the euro zone, the meetings may reveal that a“Grexit” threat is real or if the country’s head is truly on the chopping block.

The Sterling (GBP) – Official Bank Rate, Monetary Policy Committee Rate Statement, month over month Manufacturing Production, three month over year Average Earnings Index, Claimant Count Change, BOE Governor Carney speaking engagement and BOE Inflation Report.

With a resounding victory for the Tories and a smashing defeat for the Labour Party providing momentum to the Sterling, will the U.K. and the conservatives be able to build off of this or will a mixed bag of slow growth and the ongoing threat of deflation bring things to a screeching halt? Stay tuned, but it appears a friendly beat will keep things drumming along for the U.K. as a slew of post- election releases doesn’t appear to have them singing the blues for the week.

The Loonie (CAD) – Month over month Manufacturing Sales
In light of turbulent oil prices, manufacturing sales in the Canuck economy may prove to be resilient enough to show itself respectable. Even though the economy has been under the pressure cooker it may not be eating gourmet, but the economy’s “workman’s appetite” might be getting just enough to satiate the hunger.

The USD – Month over month Core Retail Sales, month over month Retail Sales, month over month PPI, Unemployment Claims and Preliminary University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment.

Whatever the recipe for continuing momentum in the U.S. economy will be, it appears that the main ingredient (the Fed’s) will need a splash of oil market steadiness and a combination of spices. Those include job wage growth and a bump in the housing sector in order to serve the main dish of a boost in interest rates hot and ready for the third quarter meal.

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