Are the Greeks Playing the Fool?

The Greeks may be playing the fool, but the Fed’s are playing you for a fool…are you going to let them?

Will you be the jester in this court?…or will you figure out the trends in time to make sure the fool in this court turns out to be the market lemmings while you sail way with a boat load of profit?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for the week of May 4th through the 8th , 2015.

In a jam packed week of releases, now more than ever, is the time to have a plan and a system in place that will have you “IN THE MONEY” during the currency market roller coaster ride. Make sure you’re getting off the trading roller coaster with a fist pump and a big smile of conquering success.

Last week, the predictable tone for the Fed’s had everybody on balance with a “data dependent” eye on when they look to hike interest rates. GDP came in weak, and no one with a beat on the street should have been surprised by the data, but the markets were surprised by this news. The surprise reaction of the market player’s was as predictable a play for profit, on all your USD pairings, as the sunrises in the east.

yellen jester

Yellen and the Fed’s are trying to give you the impression that a rate hike, as early as June, is still in play and with forthcoming improvement in the economic numbers may warrant a move. Is she just playing you and the markets for a fool? There is a lot of subterranean data that will bubble to the surface showing that U.S. economic numbers may not be as good as the USD bulls would have you believe.

Real traction has yet to take hold in wage growth, housing and retail spending sectors. The only thing keeping things afloat and giving the appearance of strength is the overall weakness of the global economies (minus the U.K.) that are faring far worse through a sludge of slow or non existent growth.

Some analysts and pundits would have you believe that these one time occurrences hitting the U.S. economy, such as extraordinarily bad weather in the Northeast coupled with a tank in oil is to blame for the less than stellar start to the year. Don’t be surprised to see the Fed’s stall the bus as a rate hike doesn’t appear to be eminent until the beginning of the fourth quarter at best.

Where are you going to be hedging your bets for the week? With all this said, and the factors that are in play, the money shot looks to be for the U.S. losing some steam in going forward.

This week’s U.K. elections will spur action on your Sterling pairings. The momentum from the Labour party, may have the strength in the Sterling taking a quick shift in reverse. It’s time to be nimble on your call and put trades as the results from the election develop and you receive definitive signals and trends from your Small Money Made Big winning trading systems. Handsome profits will be scooped up by savvy traders this week.

The “sky is falling” so “we’re packing our bags” approach by the Greeks is starting to fall on deaf ears. The troika is on to the cries and unfortunately for the Greeks they’re not fooling anyone. After weighing their options, the Greeks might not have anywhere left to go. An exit strategy may not be the lesser of two evils, as an inevitable default is the elephant in the room. This match might not be made in heaven, but Greek purgatory could be a prayer away from running into the prickly arms of the euro zone.

Here’s what’s on tap this week for all your major news releases, starting with the Asian markets.
China (CNY) – HSBC Final Manufacturing PMI, Trade Balance, year over year CPI and PPI.

The Kiwi (NZD) – GDT Price Index, quarter over quarter Employment change and Unemployment Rate.

The Aussie (AUD) – Month over month Building Approvals, Trade Balance, Cash Rate, RBA Rate Statement, month over month Retail Sales, Employment Change, Unemployment Rate and RBA Monetary Policy Statement.

The Euro (EUR) – Spanish Unemployment Change

The Sterling (GBP) – Construction PMI, Services PMI and Parliamentary Elections.

The Loonie (CAD) – Trade Balance, Ivey PMI, month over month Building Permits, Employment Change and Unemployment Rate.

The USD – Trade Balance, ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI, AFP Non-Farm Employment Change, Fed Chairman Yellen speaking engagement, Unemployment Claims, Non-Farm Employment Change and Unemployment Rate.

You can’t be the court jester and the king of your castle. Make sure you’re the King (or Queen) of your castle by checking out winning trading systems that can have you scoring big time profits every time you trade.