Currency Trading Market News Update

Is it true?…Are you as much a financial guru as Yellen? (click here to watch the video)

 This is your binary option and forex video news update for May 25th through the 29th, 2015.

On this lighter week of relevant data that will impact your currency trading, it’s important to keep your eye on happenings that will create points of market volatility in order to find yourself “in the money” for the week.

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With all the speaking engagements that took place last week from the world’s major finance “guru’s” only a few things stood out that look to have impact on their respective currencies, going forward, as we approach closing out the second quarter of the year.

We be Yellen! That’s right! We be Yellen from the roof tops that the Fed chair has as much a clue about what will happen to the U.S. economy as a Miss America contestant knows about geography.

In her latest speech just this last week, I quote from Fed Chair Yellen “Of course, the outlook for the economy is highly uncertain. I am describing the outlook that I see as most likely, but based on many years of making economic projections, I can assure you that any specific projection I write down will turn out to be wrong”

Isn’t that re-assuring?

At points, it sounds like rhetoric surrounding “data dependent moves” by the Fed’s gets thrown out the window. With an already bubbling agenda to lift rates this year, no matter what the data reveals or what the repercussions for a lackluster economy may entail, Yellen and the Fed’s are more concerned with a “we’d better do it now” (meaning this year) approach. The Fed’s don’t want the opportunity of raising rates to slip through their slimy fingers and still risk having the U.S. economy, that’s been sloshing out of the mud, to take a wrong step and start sinking in quicksand.
The rest of these financial “guru’s” that include Draghi, Carney, Kuroda and Poloz don’t bode much better in their analysis and ability to accurately forecast the future economical status of their respective economies.

Here’s a side note: This bodes well for traders like you and me. If you have a plan and a good strategy for your currency trades, your chances of success are just as good, or better, than the finance “guru’s” who are supposed to be running the show.

For the last year, it’s been speculated that a Fed rate hike was supposed to take place in June. This is pretty much “off the table”, but the hawks will still be hovering and ready to pounce by the end of the third quarter.

With the impact of various scenario’s this week, what is a trader to do? This week a point of focus should be made on the following:

Coming off last week’s turn in the Euro/USD, be prepared to see the pairing go weak as it appears to be a rocky road for the Euro and time for the USD to bust a move.

The snowball that caused an uphill climb for the USD may now have the pendulum of momentum swinging the other way. The effects of a harsh winter that temporarily rippled weakness across the important sectors of housing, construction and retail sales are anticipated to pick up steam heading into the third quarter of the year.

Trader’s are going to jump on board at the first hint of solid U.S. economic momentum, keeping in mind, that the Fed’s will be making a full court press to justify a rate hike before the end of the year.

Couple this economic mindset, along with the Euro zone becoming more and more willing to accept the cliff dive into Greek default, and the recipe calls for more mustard on the American dog as the Euro appears to be on a forced diet that will have the currency feeling the hunger pangs. The ride down for the Euro/USD may be just starting to get its freak on.

This week, pay close attention to the G7 meetings and the hard U.S. data for GDP and unemployment.

Always check out our events calendar for all the happenings that affect your binary option and forex trades. When you mesh your smarts with a winning trading system, it does become true that you’re a better financial “guru” than Fed Chair Yellen.

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Bills, Thrills and Economic Spills

Bills, thrills and economic spills…where’s the money at?

Binary Option and Forex video news update for May17th through 22nd, 2015.

This last week ended with the USD against the ropes, countering its other major currency pairings, as U.S. economic optimism is starting to wane. Is this a trend that will start to set in or is it just a blip on the economic radar as Americans kick into gear awaking from the long winter doldrums?

The spring in the step of consumer spending has yet to kick in and the next few weeks are going to be telling on whether we see the Fed’s put on their dovish face, or if plowing through the data will have them donning the feather’s of different bird.

The hawks have yet to come out in full force and the data-dependent Fed’s have the current numbers pointing towards caution before any hawk eye looks to raise interest rates. With this in mind, the dialogue from the Meeting Minutes, at times, has had a tendency to contradict the official statement position, so don’t be surprised at deliberate revelations that rub against the shoulders of dovish leaning data.

economic data

It appears that the markets are prime to price in the Fed action well before the rumor becomes fact.

The bills are due and the coffers are empty! The International Monetary Fund (IMF) and European Central Bank (ECB) are wearing thin on hopes of coming to terms with Greek debt. ECB President Draghi, the IMF, Greece and Finance Minister Varoufakis have been dragging their feet on taking necessary measures that will stave off default. At this point, efforts for rescuing Greece from the precipice will only be nothing more than futile attempts that will have Draghi and the IMF grasping into thin air. As the next Greek payment becomes due, the piper will have his hand out, but those in the know, already know that “no mas” will be the cry of the Greeks.

The Asian session for this week will have Japan’s rate decision, but nobody anticipates any action at this point. BOJ Governor Kuroda may hint at further easing in the future as the painstaking crawl towards the inflation target may be more like a slimy slug making its way to the bulls-eye.

Through the slippery slope, oil is trying to gain traction, but hold onto your rolling barrels because a spill in prices has yet to flow even with an outlook that appears to be bogged down with a glutton of surplus. The talk from OPEC is that it’s none too concerned and is willing to wait out waning demand until manipulation of oil markets are firmly in their grasp. This will lead the way for Bank of Canada Governor Poloz to have a tailor made excuse for the doldrums of the Canuck economy.

Be on the lookout for a bevvy of speaking engagements from key finance “guru’s” that will be a major factor for this week’s market movement.

Click on our event calendar to see what’s on tap this week for the major news releases that will impact your binary option and forex trades.

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Binary Option and Forex Market News Update

Slicing, dicing and chopping your way through Hell’s Currency Kitchen!

Binary option and forex news update for May 11 through 15, 2015.

With a double dose of volatility this last week, how are you cashing in on the volatility as markets rumble and tumble their way through the mush?

Here at we’re always cooking up a hot plate full of the “good stuff” to provide a smorgasbord of profits on all your binary option and forex market trades.

hells kitchen signs

Here we go with this weeks major releases that will have you plugged in to the fundamental news that, along with your technical trade system, will help keep you “in the money”:

China (CNY) – Year over year Industrial Production

As the PMI numbers have shown, contraction appears to have taken a foothold in the Chinese economy. With the Aussie and the Kiwi economy’s heavy reliance on providing commodities for China, the repercussions will continue to cradle the economy with icy fingers that will leave a frost on the respective Asian counterparts.

The Kiwi (NZD) – RBNZ Financial Stability Report, RBNZ Governor Wheeler Speaks and quarter over quarter Retail Sales.

The chirping sounds from the Kiwi may be more of a cry for help as it may be time to sink or swim for the economy as the oncoming data may have the currency reeling in choppy waters ahead.

The Aussie (AUD) – NAB Business Confidence, and Annual Budget Release

With the RBA fresh off of last week’s rate slash, and putting a smiley happy face of optimism going forward, is this based more on facade than facts? Time will tell, but optimistic kangaroos won’t be enough to hop, skip and a jump over the facts of a slowing real estate market and the tanking demand for Aussie commodities.

The Euro (EUR) – Eurogroup Meetings and quarter over quarter German Preliminary GDP

The contrast between positive momentum and strength from German production, coupled with the affliction of Greek debt putting a drag on the euro zone, the meetings may reveal that a“Grexit” threat is real or if the country’s head is truly on the chopping block.

The Sterling (GBP) – Official Bank Rate, Monetary Policy Committee Rate Statement, month over month Manufacturing Production, three month over year Average Earnings Index, Claimant Count Change, BOE Governor Carney speaking engagement and BOE Inflation Report.

With a resounding victory for the Tories and a smashing defeat for the Labour Party providing momentum to the Sterling, will the U.K. and the conservatives be able to build off of this or will a mixed bag of slow growth and the ongoing threat of deflation bring things to a screeching halt? Stay tuned, but it appears a friendly beat will keep things drumming along for the U.K. as a slew of post- election releases doesn’t appear to have them singing the blues for the week.

The Loonie (CAD) – Month over month Manufacturing Sales
In light of turbulent oil prices, manufacturing sales in the Canuck economy may prove to be resilient enough to show itself respectable. Even though the economy has been under the pressure cooker it may not be eating gourmet, but the economy’s “workman’s appetite” might be getting just enough to satiate the hunger.

The USD – Month over month Core Retail Sales, month over month Retail Sales, month over month PPI, Unemployment Claims and Preliminary University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment.

Whatever the recipe for continuing momentum in the U.S. economy will be, it appears that the main ingredient (the Fed’s) will need a splash of oil market steadiness and a combination of spices. Those include job wage growth and a bump in the housing sector in order to serve the main dish of a boost in interest rates hot and ready for the third quarter meal.

It doesn’t matter what the currency menu has to offer, you can be whipping up delicious profits every time you stoke the flames on your trading platform.

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Are the Greeks Playing the Fool?

The Greeks may be playing the fool, but the Fed’s are playing you for a fool…are you going to let them?

Will you be the jester in this court?…or will you figure out the trends in time to make sure the fool in this court turns out to be the market lemmings while you sail way with a boat load of profit?

This is your binary option and forex video news update for the week of May 4th through the 8th , 2015.

In a jam packed week of releases, now more than ever, is the time to have a plan and a system in place that will have you “IN THE MONEY” during the currency market roller coaster ride. Make sure you’re getting off the trading roller coaster with a fist pump and a big smile of conquering success.

Last week, the predictable tone for the Fed’s had everybody on balance with a “data dependent” eye on when they look to hike interest rates. GDP came in weak, and no one with a beat on the street should have been surprised by the data, but the markets were surprised by this news. The surprise reaction of the market player’s was as predictable a play for profit, on all your USD pairings, as the sunrises in the east.

yellen jester

Yellen and the Fed’s are trying to give you the impression that a rate hike, as early as June, is still in play and with forthcoming improvement in the economic numbers may warrant a move. Is she just playing you and the markets for a fool? There is a lot of subterranean data that will bubble to the surface showing that U.S. economic numbers may not be as good as the USD bulls would have you believe.

Real traction has yet to take hold in wage growth, housing and retail spending sectors. The only thing keeping things afloat and giving the appearance of strength is the overall weakness of the global economies (minus the U.K.) that are faring far worse through a sludge of slow or non existent growth.

Some analysts and pundits would have you believe that these one time occurrences hitting the U.S. economy, such as extraordinarily bad weather in the Northeast coupled with a tank in oil is to blame for the less than stellar start to the year. Don’t be surprised to see the Fed’s stall the bus as a rate hike doesn’t appear to be eminent until the beginning of the fourth quarter at best.

Where are you going to be hedging your bets for the week? With all this said, and the factors that are in play, the money shot looks to be for the U.S. losing some steam in going forward.

This week’s U.K. elections will spur action on your Sterling pairings. The momentum from the Labour party, may have the strength in the Sterling taking a quick shift in reverse. It’s time to be nimble on your call and put trades as the results from the election develop and you receive definitive signals and trends from your Small Money Made Big winning trading systems. Handsome profits will be scooped up by savvy traders this week.

The “sky is falling” so “we’re packing our bags” approach by the Greeks is starting to fall on deaf ears. The troika is on to the cries and unfortunately for the Greeks they’re not fooling anyone. After weighing their options, the Greeks might not have anywhere left to go. An exit strategy may not be the lesser of two evils, as an inevitable default is the elephant in the room. This match might not be made in heaven, but Greek purgatory could be a prayer away from running into the prickly arms of the euro zone.

Here’s what’s on tap this week for all your major news releases, starting with the Asian markets.
China (CNY) – HSBC Final Manufacturing PMI, Trade Balance, year over year CPI and PPI.

The Kiwi (NZD) – GDT Price Index, quarter over quarter Employment change and Unemployment Rate.

The Aussie (AUD) – Month over month Building Approvals, Trade Balance, Cash Rate, RBA Rate Statement, month over month Retail Sales, Employment Change, Unemployment Rate and RBA Monetary Policy Statement.

The Euro (EUR) – Spanish Unemployment Change

The Sterling (GBP) – Construction PMI, Services PMI and Parliamentary Elections.

The Loonie (CAD) – Trade Balance, Ivey PMI, month over month Building Permits, Employment Change and Unemployment Rate.

The USD – Trade Balance, ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI, AFP Non-Farm Employment Change, Fed Chairman Yellen speaking engagement, Unemployment Claims, Non-Farm Employment Change and Unemployment Rate.

You can’t be the court jester and the king of your castle. Make sure you’re the King (or Queen) of your castle by checking out winning trading systems that can have you scoring big time profits every time you trade.