Binary Option and Forex Market News Update

Is it time to prey on a fall for the USD…or will going against the USD cage you in the trading zoo?

This your forex and binary option video news update for the week of April 27th thru the 1st of May 2015.

Bulls, bears, hawks and doves can have your head spinning in the middle of a trading zoo. We’ll be at it again this week with Wednesday’s Fed’s statement that should clue us in on when the they decide to bust a move on interest rates.

It will be time to gauge how the statement will be interpreted and dissected by the big market players. As June approaches, and with hawks pushing this as a trigger date for the Fed’s rate hike, plan on a “jack be nimble” strategy that will have you on the winning side no matter which way the wind blows.

Knowing when to get in to scalp profits going short or long on your quick turnaround trades will have you fist pumping to the beat of market movement or rocking in the fetal position humming a lullaby.

Quite a few speaking engagements, rate and monetary policy statements will be in play this week.

Let’s look at the Asian markets and what we’ll be paying close attention to this week:

The Kiwi (NZD) – Rate Statement and Official Cash Rate.

Trade Balance and Business Confidence data will be the day before we get the Rate Statement, but the well prepared announcements will have already taken the trending numbers into consideration.

The Aussie (AUD) – RBA Governor Stevens Speaks and quarter over quarter PPI.

A close ear on Governor Stevens’ speech may not be enough this time around, to provide us the clues needed on when a slash to the rate will be in play. Anticipate that a “wait and see” approach for the commodity-dependent economy will have the RBA sitting on the sidelines a bit longer. But it’s fair to say that it may be inevitable for the RBA to get off their arse and take their turn at the plate. Anticipate that, once again, the RBA will look to take a whack at loosening rates as a waning Chinese economy (and its Manufacturing PMI numbers) may end up to be a swing and miss for the Asian sector.

The Yen (JPY) – Monetary Policy Statement and BOJ Press Conference.

Abe-nomics and Governor Kuroda will need to revisit their approach to spurning the economy as the tricks in the Q.E. bag are starting to lose their luster.

The Euro (EUR) – Month over month German Preliminary CPI and year over year CPI Flash Estimate

Just off of the Euro meetings things aren’t looking good for the fledgling Greek economy. With the troika rapidly growing a set of penguin arms, an extended olive branch from either side and the prospects for a compromised solution are looking dimmer by the day.

The Sterling (GBP) – Quarter over quarter Preliminary GDP and Manufacturing PMI.

Will the rally on your Sterling/USD pairings continue to bounce to fresh levels? Or is it time for the rally to take a break? This week will all be predicated on the Fed’s statement as the BOE will be in “hush hush” mode approaching the May 7th elections.

The Loonie (CAD) – Month over month GDP and BOC Governor Poloz speaks.

The Loonie is poised to slip on another oil slick for the week as we anticipate seeing reprecussions on indications of oversupply rearing its ugly head and staring down the Canuck economy. On the other side of the coin, if the Fed’s take a dovish approach in their statement, a good buy for the week may still be on your Loonie/USD pairings.

The USD – CB Consumer Confidence, quarter over quarter Advance GDP, Fed Statement, Funds Rate, Unemployment Claims and ISM Manufacturing PMI.

Binary Option News

This week, it all hangs on the arms of Lady Liberty (Yellen) and the Fed’s statement may be the “make or break” announcement for the Q2 hawks that were once hovering, but now appear to be taken over by doves at least until we hit the third quarter of the year.

The bulls will be looking to lock their horns on the market bears, but in this trading zoo it looks like the Q2 bears will be coming out of hibernation with the upper paw.

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Damsel In Distress Or Dating the USD

…which one do you flirt with to pick up profits?

This is your binary option and forex weekly news update for April 20th through the 24th 2015.

The Fed’s have been flirting with raising rates as soon as June, but the mixed signals of the economic data are proving to add a layer of complexity to the courtship.

Which way will they go?…this week’s PMI data will reveal some interesting signals on what the Fed’s decide in going forward.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has wrapped up their meetings and “Greece” is the word. The tough road ahead is just starting its bumpy ride. Will Greece be able to hang on and navigate its way through all the potholes and pits? Or will it threaten to wash out any hopes of recovery and salvage a “Grexit” from the Euro? How much confidence does the troika have that the bail out will, at some point, blossom into recovery?

Let’s whisk away to what is happening in this week’s market that will impact your currency trades:

To the Asian sessions we go:

China (CNY) – HSBC Flash Manufacturing PMI

China’s slowing growth and the drag on global demand for exports will continue to take its toll. The overall outlook may be more bleak than what the Manufacturing PMI data may reveal. The commodity dependent economies of the Aussie and the Loonie are wearing thin veils to cover the true figures that lie underneath.

The Kiwi (NZD) – quarter over quarter CPI

Concerns are mounting on the Kiwi that deflation has taken hold. The RBNZ may be playing it coy, but as the data continues to show what is behind the veil, anticipate that they will be eyeing a rate cut some time in the next few month’s.

The Aussie (AUD) – RBA Governor Stevens speaks, Monetary Policy Meeting Minutes and quarter over quarter CPI.

Expect that Governor Stevens will be giving justification to his “hold on and wait” approach before making any moves on rate slashing. Falling commodity prices and the tank in the oil markets may be resonating as temporary blips, but could be rippling a lasting effect to the Aussie economy. The “hold on and wait” approach can only tread water for so long before Stevens and the RBA will need to throw a life saver in, to keep the economy from flailing into deeper waters.

The Euro (EUR) – German ZEW Economic Sentiment, French and German Flash Manufacturing PMI, German Ifo Business Climate and Eurogroup Meetings.

Greece is still playing the part of “damsel in distress”. Will she be able to woo enough admirers to rescue her from further damage to her reputation? For the time being, there appears to be enough support for compromise from both sides, but how the courtship plays out is far from resolved. Salvaging the relationship may be best for the long run, but compatibility issues may run too deep, to go forward in unity with her euro zone partners, to blossom into recovery.

The Sterling (GBP) – Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) Official Bank Rate Votes and month over month Retail Sales.

“Snail’s pace” improvement has trailed its way through the U.K. economy for the last few year’s, but the plague of stagnant growth has been a thorn on the side of the Conservatives. With next month’s impending elections looming larger and the Labour party looking to attract those that are sitting on the fence, the data revealed will be magnified as to what direction the U.K. will take going forward. Firm footing has been finding a larger chunk of solid ground with the Consevatives in control, but it’s going to take some convincing that a long term relationship would be the best romance for the U.K.

The Loonie (CAD) – BOC Governor Poloz speaks twice this week and month over month Wholesale Sales.

The Loonie is optimistic about a reversal of fortune as it withstands the battering on oil prices. The Canuck economy may prove to be resilient as it looks to shake off any talk of loosening rate policy. The Loonie is holding onto its britches and defying a “loosey, goosey” approach. Governor Poloz may take a prudish stance and will taut gains in the economy despite the plunge in oil prices.

The USD (USD) – Unemployment Claims, Flash Manufacturing PMI, month over month Core Durable and Durable Goods Orders.

Dating Miss America may have its perks as long as she is authentic. The economic data for the next few weeks will be telling on what the Fed’s will do. Will the Fed magnifying glass attempt to reveal, or cover up, all of her imperfections? Her underlying beauty may have her raising her crown higher in the next few months, but the mirror on the Fed wall will dictate whether the USD is the fairest of them all.

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