Pandora’s box will be unleashed on the Euro!

Binary option and forex market news update for the week of March 1 thru March 6, 2015

Damned if you do and damned if you don’t! It won’t matter whether the Greek’s have the opportunity to release their inner rebel spirit against austerity or not because, either way, it will end up opening Pandora’s Box on the Euro.

With fervent determination, last week’s Euro meetings came to a temporary resolution. The agreement for a four month extension of credit for Greece comes at a compromise for both sides, but it will become quite apparent in the next few weeks (and months) that neither side will be particularly happy with the reform.

The hard line conservatives and supporters of the Syriza party will be malcontent at any election promise that may be conceded in compromise to troika by their new leader Tsipras.

Any true reform proposal from the Greek’s will need to address the vague verbiage that was ambiguous in the agreement and will need to open a path way of actionable steps to satisfy creditors.

For the governing body and the new leader Tsipras it will be a real balancing act to satisfy the cries of the Greek’s as well as blubbering from the euro zone and in particular Germany.

For the Greeks, sooner or later, it will be time to “pay the piper” and navigate the hot coals nipping at their feet. With prospects for a revitalized Greek economy looking dim it doesn’t bode well for the euro going forward.


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On to this week’s binary option and forex market news releases that will impact your major currency pairings.

We start with the Asian markets:

China (CNY) – HSBC Final Manufacturing PMI – A slight contraction from last month’s reading of 49.7 is to be expected as China’s economy continues its due course of losing momentum.

The Kiwi (NZD) – GDT (Global Dairy Trade) Price Index.

Even though commodity markets may be waning, anticipate sufficient demand to maintain relative strength to its exports.

The Aussie (AUD) – Month over month Building Approvals, Cash Rate, RBA Rate Statement, quarter over quarter GDP, month over month Retail Sales and Trade Balance.

With a busy week of releases for the Aussie, the key factor in riding a wave of profit will be if the cash rate will be cut. Even if it does not sustain a cut for now, focus will be on any clues that can be extracted from the RBA rate statement going forward that will reveal a slashing in the near future.

If any hints of an eminent cut in the rate are forthcoming anticipate weakness for your AUD/USD and AUD/EURO pairings.

The Sterling (GBP) – Manufacturing PMI, Construction PMI, Services PMI, Official Bank Rate and MPC Rate Statement.

It looks like the Purchasing Manager’s Index in key sectors of the economy will reign supreme this week for market movement. With “a steady as she goes” attitude the Sterling should show relative strength in the PMI numbers. We see no reason for the U.K. to “rock the boat” with the current bank rate or the MPC statement that follows.

The Euro – Year over year CPI Flash Estimate, Spanish Unemployment Change, Minimum Bid Rate and ECB Press Conference.

With the euro teetering in the balance of what will happen with Greek negotiations, it is in for a rocky ride no matter what spin is given by ECB President Draghi.

Savvy trader’s who can navigate the terrain will be taking advantage of all the profit making opportunities that look to present themselves.

The Loonie (CAD) – Month over month GDP, BOC Rate Statement, Overnight Rate, Ivey PMI, month over month Building Permits and Trade Balance.

Oil prices have rebounded a bit, but have yet to climb to respectable levels for the Cannuck economy to be at ease. Keep a close eye on the GDP numbers. We may not see any hasty moves from the Bank of Canada, but something more eminent in terms of a rate cut could be hinted at in the rate statement.

The USD – ISM Manufacturing PMI, ADP Non-Farm Employment Change, ISM Non-Manufacturing PMI, Unemployment Claims, Non-Farm Employment Change, Trade Balance and Unemployment Rate.

With the Fed’s talking from both sides of their mouth, the markets anxiously await for any clues on whether a rate hike will be looming over this years June gloom.

The Fed’s are reiterating “patience” on one side of their mouth while on the other side they believe the weak employment plague is behind them.

The hawks are beginning to peak their head around the USD.

Once Pandora’s Box is opened for the euro what ilk will strike the currency? We’ll soon find out as developments in the negotiations keep us in suspense, but it doesn’t matter which way you look at it, a positive outcome for the euro hangs “precariously” in the balance.

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