Is your holiday cheerful with profit?

Weekly news update for 12/1/14 through 12/5/14

After the USD took its yearly Thanksgiving holiday, and Americans are stuffed full of turkey with all the fixin’s, we are now in for an interesting week for a few of your currency pairings.

It’s time to be in the money and reap in the profits for the early part of December. We want you to have much success on your trades. This is why, each week, we highlight the events that will spark market movement. Equipped with this knowledge, you’ll be a better trader and really start to hone in on “when to get in” in order to maximize your opportunity for profit. So we encourage you to always visit and click on our market event calendar for updated info on key market releases.

You’ll want to end your trading year with some holiday cheer, full of profit making trades and roll into 2015 with a bang of momentum.

After last week’s U.S. economic figures (released before the holiday), were less than stellar, consumer’s showed some leery apprehension as revealed by the American’s “Black Friday” holiday shopping kick off falling short of expectations. Overall, we still see the USD, buoyed by a tailwind of strong economic news for the last few month’s, with cheery smiles heading into 2015. Optimism in the USD will continue to sail as long as the jobless rate doesn’t continue to swirl winds of doubt. We will continue to monitor any headwinds that may develop for the first quarter of next year.

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Let’s take a look at the major news releases that will impact your trading week:

– One of the key events will be on Thursday when ECB President Draghi speaks at his press conference. To Q.E. or not to Q.E.? That is the question.

It appears for now, that Germany has alluded the recession-bug by the skin of its bratwurst. Will Draghi move forward with Q.E. even if it’s without German blessing?

You will need to extract key verbiage from President Draghi’s speech. The Euro is on the verge of urgency as it looks for a boost in inflation to spark growth. The press conference will reveal to us what message the ECB is trying to convey for the end of the year and moving forward into the first quarter of 2015.

– The USD and the Sterling will be forthcoming with PMI (Purchasing Manager’s Index) data

– The Loonie and the USD will be releasing key employment figures towards the end of the week. Unemployment claims and the change in the jobless rate. Pay attention as we anticipate seeing much action on the data. This is the end of the year and much can be gleaned from the information as we begin to turnover and look to find clarity in market conditions approaching the first quarter of the new year.

– The Asian markets are a bit quiet for the week. Be sure to take a look at the Aussie’s  retail sales figures coming out Wednesday, along with trade balance, as it is a commodity based currency.

Life can bring us many ups and downs just like the markets. We expect you to have many great opportunities for profit as you enjoy good cheer and many blessings going into the holiday season.