Thankful to be a Trader

Turkey invasion on the USD –

A Thankful News update for 11/24 thru 11/28

Of course, not the country Turkey…or its currency, but those plump delicious birds that have American’s “giving thanks” this week for whatever blessings they’ve received through out the year.

One of the many things I am thankful for this year is the opportunity to be trader. I don’t know of a better way to make quick turnaround profits than trading the currency markets.

It’s a busy week for American’s as they prepare for Thanksgiving festivities and are ready to spring into action with Black Friday beckoning the official kick off to the holiday shopping season.

thankful turkey










With American minds being preoccupied in many different directions this week, it will bode limited action up until midweek, on your USD pairings. Your other pairings may also see action only up until the middle of the week, since much of your currencies are spurred by developments that impact the USD and its influence.

Recession thunders its way through the Yen as they make it official. Now that Japan has been hit with the recession bug, they hope to stave off the symptoms with some action. Prime Minister Abe postpones the additional sales tax hike. This hike had the BOJ concerned it would roll in a thunder of severe consequences, that would have stifled Japan’s economy and its hope of a quick recovery.

Here we go with the major news releases that may have an impact on your trading week:

– We roll on with Asian Markets as the Yen is in for a bumpy ride heading into 2015. Will it continue to see further weakness against its USD and Euro counterparts? This will depend on further demand for its exports. Demand may show some strength going into the new year, but the BOJ (Bank of Japan) and Governor Kuroda will provide clues on moves that will hope to “sure foot” the economy and keep it from standing on “wobbly heels”.

– The Aussie will have its release of quarter over quarter Private Capital Expenditure. A seasonal “kick start”may give a slight boost to expenditures that look to beat expectations and provide an uptick level of positivity towards business investment.

– The Kiwi will release its Trade Balance figures and ANZ Business Confidence. As a continued string of optimism feeds into the Kiwi’s economy, it will continue to rely heavily on the demand for its commodities and in particular, to China’s demand in the marketplace. As China’s demand wanes or remains, so will go the strength of the Kiwi.

– The Euro the will have the release of German Ifo Business climate, month over month retail sales, Preliminary CPI, Unemployment Change, year over year CPI and Core CPI Flash Estimates.

The euro zone is hitting the doldrums as it continues to struggle for sparks of growth. The ECB (European Central Bank) and President Draghi are struggling to come up with effective ideas that will stimulate euro zone growth. Any easing policy would need to receive the blessing of German sentiment on, what will not only be beneficial to euro zone economies, but that it will prove to be beneficial to German production interests as well.

– The Sterling releases include BOE (Bank of England) Governor Carney Speaks and quarter over quarter Second Estimate GDP.

For the BOE the numbers earlier this month revealed a rise in wages, but the employment number remained stagnant after many month’s of trending improvement. We’ll need to perk up to any clues from Governor Carney’s carefully crafted words as the BOE keeps a close tab on increasing labor costs and the employment figures. We’ll see if Governor Carney reveals clues on whether they intend on perking up interest rates sooner rather than later. We don’t anticipate any significant revisions to the preliminary GDP numbers after release of the magnified review.

– The Loonie will have the release of month over month Retail Sales, Core Retail Sales and month over month GDP.

With last month’s reading coming up short of the forecast for retail sales and GDP, will we start to see a trend in Canada’s economy? If the data reveals another decrease in GDP, without the persistent resilience that the Loonie had been showing, we can anticipate seeing new ceiling and resistance levels continuing to take form.

– The USD will have a bevy of releases up until mid-week heading into Thanksgiving and the gluttony of festivities that will be making thousands of turkey’s uttering their last gobble.

The release of quarter over quarter Preliminary GDP, CB Consumer Confidence, month over month Core Durable Goods Orders and Core PCE Price Index, Unemployment Claims and New Home Sales.

On the cusp of Black Friday and holiday madness, we expect to see “spending steam” in the overall outlook of the U.S. economy.

The adjusted GDP figures look to be strengthened on confirming figures that the U.S. economy has gained traction. We can anticipate seeing durable good orders hitting their mark, as Americans are starting to get giddy with confidence in approaching the holiday spending season. The injection of American “feel good” is being  fueled in part by lower gas prices and improving employment numbers as they “strut their stuff” heading into 2015.

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The cheats are messing with your money!

The scandalous cheats from the world’s six major banks are caught “red handed”.  This week, news came out that several “big time” traders from the world’s biggest banks  colluded to circumvent the currency markets and snipe big bucks for themselves.

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Away we go with this week’s fundamentals that will impact your tech trades for the third week of November.

We start with Asian markets:

For the Yen, the release of quarter over quarter Preliminary GDP, Monetary Policy Statement and BOJ Press Conference.

With Japan continuing to experience deflation and sluggish recovery we see the BOJ taking action to inject more stimulus to try and pump up the economy. Even with this circumventing action we may still see contraction to Japan’s GDP. For the naysayers it appears that the economic woes for the world’s third largest economy will continue to rear its “ugly” head.

Your Yen pairing should be chosen with these woes in mind, as previous government intervention hasn’t had the impact they had hoped for.  Consumer confidence is waning as the economy is persistently weak, and may be in peril through the first half of 2015.

For China, the release of HSBC Flash Manufacturing PMI. Will we see enough signs that show growth in the Chinese economy to keep things moving forward? With the pressures of faltering demand, at home and abroad, the numbers may reveal more of a stand still than an expansion in going forward.

For the Aussie, the release of Monetary policy meeting minutes and RBA Governor Stevens speaks. By sifting through the minutes and listening to Governor Stevens speak, we will be looking for any clues on housing growth, employment and wage growth and overall demand for Australian commodities that will indicate when interest rate hikes will be on the horizon.

For the Kiwi, early this week we will have the release of quarter over quarter Retail Sales, Core Retail Sales and later in the week Global Dairy Trade Price Index. New Zealand will be looking for a boost in the price of its leading commodities along with retail sales. With anticipation of healthy numbers, you can expect that the Kiwi’s will have money to spend as they go forward into 2015.

For the Euro, the release of German Economic Sentiment, ECB President Draghi speaks, French and German Flash Manufacturing PMI.

The Euro Zone finds itself in an interesting dilemma. It’s trying to remain united on its economic agenda, but yet at odds with the German perspective on what the ECB’s (the European Central Bank) approach should be for going forward into the next year. Could we see the German GDP numbers indicating that the economy is slipping into a recession? If so, what will be the corrective course of action taken by President Draghi going into the new year? His hands may be tied, which will make it tough to utilize any easing measures at his disposal.

For the Sterling, the release of year over year CPI, MPC Asset Purchase Facility Votes, Official Bank Rate Votes and month over month Retail Sales.

With the U.K.’s economy continuing to chug along, inflation continues to remain low. The Sterling is looking for a bounce from the five year low to something closer to last month’s forecast of 1.4% that missed its mark. We anticipate that any edge up will only be a slight uptick. Don’t expect any change in the benchmark interest rate of .5% with low wage growth and low inflation concerns still on the table.

For the Loonie, the release of month over month Wholesale Sales, Core CPI and CPI. You can expect the Core CPI number to hit its forecast and keep the Loonie just above the overall target rate of 2%.

For the USD, the release of month over month PPI, Building Permits, FOMC Meeting Minutes, month over month CPI, Core CPI, Unemployment Claims and Philly Fed Manufacturing Index.

With consumer prices anticipated to remain in check the Producer’s Price Index won’t see any significant jump for this month. Rates will remain low for now and with overall job growth trying to gain traction we anticipate seeing the building permit numbers continuing to bounce and see the figure above the 1.04 million mark.

As the Fed minutes are dissected, it may continue to confirm a dovish stance on interest rates due to laboring wage growth and job growth, that even though on the upside, is still looking to gain downhill momentum.

The overall effects of low wage growth, a sluggish global economy and lower energy costs will keep inflation in check. This means the Fed’s can continue to show a dovish face for the remainder of the year and stick to keeping rates low well into the second quarter of next year.

The U.S. economy will continue to gain steam as optimism will give a hop and a skip to the step of American’s that are yearning for a joyous holiday season and sparks of hope heading into 2015.

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Ominous Days Ahead?

News Update for the week of 11/10/14 through 11/14/14

Are ominous days ahead for the Asian markets?…Will the American engine keep revving its might and leave other currencies eating its dust? As we continue to see the USD gain strength it needs to look out for a couple of speed bumps that could keep it idle.

American business will start to gain momentum now that the Republicans have seized control of both the House and the Senate, but a couple of bumps on the road need to be smoothed out for happy cruising into 2015.

We’ll hit the pedal in just a few moments as we cover the USD on this week’s major currency market news update that will impact your trading week.

Asian markets will be grasping for good news as this weeks releases hit the market.

China – Year over year CPI and Industrial Production. These figures need to reveal better than expected numbers in order to provide a boost to flailing growth.

The Yen – There may not be, what is considered to be “major”, currency news impact releases this week for the Yen. We will all be focusing to see if it continues to wane against the USD and other currencies, as the BOJ is adamant about reversing the course of deflation.

The Aussie – NAB Business Confidence. The Aussies would like this indicator to continue showing strength as it will want to see momentum in other economic sectors, besides the housing industry, that appears to have peaked and now shows signs of cooling.

The Kiwi – The reserve bank’s Financial Stability Report along with Governor Wheeler speaking. We will have to keep our ears perked for any clues regarding rates and where the Kiwi will find solid ground heading into the new year.

The Euro – Things might seem quiet in terms of impactful currency news releases for the Euro, but just as with the Yen and the BOJ, the ECB will be trying to find a way to spark it’s euro zone economies to get some sense of optimistic momentum heading into 2015. It will be difficult with dark clouds of economic strife still looming, but maybe Draghi and the ECB will be able to pull a rabbit out of the hat.

The U.K. – Quarterly over year Average Earnings Index, the Claimant Count Change, Inflation Report Hearings, BOE Inflation Report and Governor Carney speaks. The Governor has shown himself to not be apprehensive about causing turbulence in the market. It will be interesting to see what he has to say in terms of any interest rate hike coming in the near future.

The Loonie – Month over month Manufacturing Sales. We look to see a slight uptick in sales over last month’s figure of -3.3%.

The USD – Month over month Core Retail Sales, Retail Sales and Preliminary University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment. These releases should continue their momentum of optimism in the US economy, but as I hinted earlier, the speed bumps that could slow things down is wage growth in the job sector and housing sales for the real estate sector.

If these two speed bumps are smoothed over, or hurdled, it may end the year cruising down the highway of prosperity and starting off the new year with a bang  of momentum.


Get in the Game!

Practice, Practice, Practice… Part 2

So you’ve practiced on your demo account, you have a plan…now it’s time to go live!!

But wait! How much should you have practiced? You start to have self doubt and begin to think of excuses. For every trader, the “how long should I practice” will differ for each trader.

It depends on your experience level, your time frames, your competence and how well you can absorb, recognize and react to market movement. If I was forced to put practice with a new trading system in a time box, I would have to say it can be as little as a couple of hours for the experienced trader and up to a month or two for the beginner.

The more time you put in, the better, but for the beginner I recommend putting in a couple of hours three to four times a week. Don’t overload yourself with too much time going at it with the market, because too much time can be almost as bad as not enough. It can disorient your bearings and leave you discombobulated and frustrated. It’s a balance where you want to be familiar and comfortable with the system, but not complacent.

balance scale












Just like with any other professional, you practice for a purpose…and the purpose is to GET IN THE GAME!

The only way to know what your trading chops are made of is to go live and put your “feet in the fire”! In all facets of life, there has always been a difference on how you will play when the game counts. The difference between practice time and game time needs to be transitioned successfully.

One recommendation I have, if you need to get over the hump on trading live, is to begin by trading small amounts to “get your feet wet” (Feet in the fire? Feet wet? What is this are our feet getting hot flashes? LOL) This way you’ll get the feel, for real, by seeing how you respond to live trading.

First and foremost is to be disciplined and stick to your trading plan, even if it isn’t working initially. A big part of your success will be to analyze your failures and understand why the trades didn’t work. Did you follow your trading plan? Did you stick with the system? Did you hesitate to get in? The answer to these questions will reveal themselves as long as you keep at it.

So I encourage you to KEEP AT IT! A failure puts you that much closer to success, but only if you practice, analyze, go live and keep moving forward.

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As you continue to trade live, you will improve your skills in recognizing a good trade and when to get in. Stay disciplined and you will get “in the zone”…the WINNING zone!

Step up your game gradually, in order to reach new heights; making more trades with more money, in less time. Then you can walk away from your trading day with plenty of profit. It’s not magic, it’s a winning formula. Each day you trade, is another opportunity to grow better and better.

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Rock’n’Roll Profits

Market news 11/2/14 – 11/7/14

The markets continue to rock ‘n’ roll!

From the U.S. Fed shut down of Q.E., to Japan’s surprise expansion of Q.E. (and everything in between).

With so much volatility affecting the markets for the last month it should be providing you with plenty of profit making opportunities on just about every binary option and forex trading session.

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Now on to this very busy week of currency market news that will affect your trading week.

On the Asian market forefront:

The Yen – Bank of Japan’s Governor Kuroda speaks. We’ll need to watch closely on any clues as to why the BOJ decided to expand stimulus at this juncture. Since the move caught most forecaster’s off guard, is the BOJ trying to interject and cut off some thing more ominous that may be looming over Japan’s economy?

We saw the USD gain massive strength last week over the Yen when the expanded stimulus announcement took place. If anything more ominous can be extracted we may see further strength for the USD on its counterpart pairing.

China – HSBC Final Manufacturing PMI and at the end of the week, the Trade Balance release. The Trade Balance difference may continue to shrink, as it did last month, and could end up less than the forecast of 35.6 billion.

For the Aussie – A dizzying week of events for your Aussie pairings include: Month Over Month Retail Sales, Trade Balance, Cash Rate, RBA Rate Statement, Employment Change and Unemployment Rate.

We don’t anticipate any change in rates, but there seems to be a growing concern with signs that the hot housing market is cooling. If the hot housing market starts to turn and with China’s growth continuing to show sluggish, this may start to take a toll on the Aussie’s economy and therefore your Aussie currency pairings.

The Kiwi – Global Dairy Trade index as New Zealand is in hopes of its’ major commodities starting to fetch higher prices at auction.

Quarter Over Quarter Employment Change and Unemployment Rate. Stronger employment figures came into focus on the previous announcement. On the heels of this development, we may continue to see a slight drop that could see the Kiwi’s unemployment rate at 5.5%.

For the Euro – Spanish Unemployment Change, Minimum Bid Rate and ECB Press Conference. We anticipate that the ECB will provide a broader explanation, with “tid-bits” of detail on the direction for stimulus. These are moves that look to be necessary in order to spark growth in the sluggish euro zone economies; which are desperately grasping for any boost of confidence going forward.

The U.K. – Also stacked with a week full of releases: Manufacturing PMI, Construction PMI, Services PMI and Month Over Month Manufacturing Production. We can expect to see these figures idle steady with their respective forecast. If we continue to see more indications of economic slippage , it may signal an end of year slow down that the U.K. will attempt to keep in check riding into the New Year.

The U.K.’s release of Asset Purchase Facility, Official Bank Rate and MPC Rate Statement. Don’t be anticipating any surprises from the BOE. With its euro counterpart continuing to have difficulty in the growth sector, the BOE will keep its own interest rate in check at .5%.

The Loonie – BOC Governor Poloz speaks twice this week. The first speech will have its text released 15 minutes prior to the actual speech.

Canada’s Trade Balance will, potentially, find itself in the negative as the price of oil continues to weaken.

Month over Month Building Permits, Ivey PMI, Employment Change and Unemployment Rate. All of which look to remain close to par from the previous release as no major changes are being anticipated in the employment figures.

For the USD – This week’s congressional elections may see the Republicans gaining a few seats in the Senate and keeping hold of the House. This will also provide a boost to business optimism, as is typical when Republican’s gain numbers. Republicans are viewed to have a much more “business friendly” approach to the economy.

ISM Manufacturing PMI, Non-Manufacturing PMI and Trade Balance.  Demand for U.S. exports looks to be improving and may well beat analysts forecast of -40 Billion.

Non-Farm Employment Change, Unemployment Claims and the Unemployment Rate. The U.S. employment numbers look to remain strong as the Holiday shopping season is upon us. The big key to the U.S. unemployment numbers will be “wage growth”. If we begin to see solid signs of wage growth in the job sector and a combination of lower gas prices we may anticipate a big “flex” of American muscle continuing to funnel through the U.S. economy heading into 2015. This may spark more hawkish conversation not only with pundits, but also having some Fed hawks starting to spread their wings.

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