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Are you smarter than Warren Buffet? Well, why aren't any of us as wealthy as Warren Buffet? It has been noted by Buffet that if you bought $40 (U.S.) worth of Coca Cola stock back in 1919 and re-invested those funds, along with stock splits and dividends, you would have more than $10 million (U.S.) dollars today. Wow! That means you would have to have been born before Warren Buffet himself was alive (by the way, he is currently 83 years old), you would have had to have had the knowledge, patience, foresight and fortitude that the investment in a soda pop company 95 years ago would've panned out. Now, you could go and enjoy that hard earned investment. Yeah right, probably not… since you would, most likely, be on your death bed, celebrating in celestial skies or somewhere else with less alluring prospects.

If you have the patience needed to wait 95 years for your treasure chest then, by all means, binary option and forex trading profits are not for you. I may not be as smart as Warren Buffet, but you know as well as I, that sitting on a stock for 95 years to reap its' rewards is an unrealistic approach to enjoying the fruits of your investment.

Imagine you have that same $40 (U.S.) in the year 1919. That would be like having $540 (U.S.) in today's money when factored for inflation. If you had the "secret know how" to turn that $540 into another $540 of profit everyday for 4-5 times a week, consistently, by spending just a few minutes to a couple of  exciting and fun-filled hours a day trading the binary option and forex markets. Wouldn't you want the keys to that treasure chest? Now imagine that this could all be done from the comfort of your home and you will have the rest of your day to do whatever else you enjoy. If you imagine this as a possibilty…guess what? It can be your reality!

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