Basics of Easy Binary Option Trading


If you are new to the binary option trading market, keep reading and you will soon discover one of the most exciting and rewarding ways to making profit. Before we continue any further let me always remind you that investing in the binary option market involves high risk and you have the potential for loss of your investment. Please read our disclaimer regarding risk at the bottom of this ( website.                                                                                                                                                        

What other trading vehicle provides you the opportunity to make approximately 70% to 90% return on your investment for each winning trade…and this can all be done by spending a few minutes to a couple of hours a day on your computer. Binary option trading  allows you to set the pace of your trading. It can be fast, moderate or slow paced for your trading day. You control the pace of your platform by choosing the expiry of your trade. Expiry's for your binary option trade can be as little as 30 seconds to as much as one hour and beyond.

You don't have to be a Wall Street "big whig" in order to make big profits trading. Beginner's or what are called "newbies" to binary option trading are afforded the same opportunities to earn big profit with just a small investment of their money. 

Trader's (that are not U.S. residents) can invest as small as $5 U.S. dollars to earn big profits on their investment. It's easy to understand and trade binary options.

Here's the "scoop" on the basics of binary option trading: In binary option trading you have two choices on your trade, hence the term "bi-nary". In entering you're trade you are predicting that the asset you are trading will either go up which is termed a "call" trade, or down which is termed a "put" trade. An easy way to remember is a "call up" or a put down" to predict a win. So in entering a binary option trade you will have a "call" or a "put" trade from your entry price. You will see what this entails for your prediction at the time of expiry. The "expiry" is the increment of time you have chosen to trade.

Once you have entered a trade you will be observing your trading platform and paying attention to the time increment and taking note once it expires ("expiry"). If you have correctly predicted the change in value, either up or down, then you have a winning trade and you're "IN THE MONEY" (ITM)! If you're prediction was incorrect then you are considered "out of the money" (OTM) and you have lost your investment in that particular trade.

Multiple trades can be made easily with quick turnarounds of your investment. Here's a few benefits and advantages of trading the binary option market:

– You will know the possibilities of the trade beforehand

– You will know the value of your investment ahead of time

– The value of your asset will move up or down and you will know the value of your expiry

– With your chosen expiry you control the pace

– You can choose to trade an array of assets from commodities like gold, silver, oil and coffee to the forex (foreign exchange currency pairings)

– It takes minimal capital to open a broker account and start trading (typically, as little as $200)

– Some broker's offer free demo account's to practice honing in your trading skills with virtual money

– Set up of your trading platform, through your broker, is typically very easy to do.     

My strong recommendation is to utilize the MetaTrader4 (MT4) platform due to it's accessibility and ease of use for binary option trading.  A bit of effort goes along way in making your small money grow BIG! But the most important aspect of successful, profit making binary option trading is having a winning system.

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